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"Upskilling my primary care knowledge is one of the best decisions I've made."

Emily Golabek, pharmacist manager for Everett’s Pharmacy, on studying for her Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy Practice (Primary Care and Community).

Emily, posing for a photo against a white backdrop.
Emily Golabek, Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy Practice (Primary Care and Community).

I’ve been a pharmacist for seven years, but in my first two years as a newly qualified pharmacist I found the work I was doing a bit mundane and routine. So, while on maternity leave in 2018, I decided to upskill my knowledge and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I chose to study at Bath after doing my pre-registration training and having a few CPPE lessons there. It has such a beautiful campus, and when I read through the course website and saw what was being offered, I felt confident that I would have a good experience there.

What I got from the course

What I enjoyed most about the course was learning something new all the time! The study days were interesting and interactive, and it was nice being able to meet other pharmacists and learn from each other.

Being a mother and a wife and learning at the same time was challenging. I was also a pre-registration tutor at one point of the course, so it was a lot to manage all at once. But it gave me the confidence to know I can manage my commitments and tasks efficiently. The course also helped my confidence as a pre-registration tutor, knowing my knowledge was up to date. And it encouraged me to go for my independent prescribing this autumn.

‘I’d recommend the course to any primary care pharmacist looking to develop their skills and knowledge. You won’t regret it!’
Emily Golabek Clinical Pharmacy Practice (Primary Care and Community)

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