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Open Research Action Plan

This action plan for Open Research has been developed for the University of Bath in line with our membership of the UK Reproducibility Network.



The University joined the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) in May 2022. In doing so, the University made a commitment to investigating the factors that contribute to robust research, promoting training activities and disseminating best practice. To improve the integrity and quality of research, it is important to understand what factors contribute to poor research reproducibility and replicability, and develop approaches to address these. In November 2022, a University-wide 3-year action plan was approved by the University Executive Board.

As Associate PVC-R and Academic Network Lead for the UKRN, Professor Julie Barnett holds responsibility for the implementation and delivery of the action plan. Upcoming Open Research activities will be developed and supported by the Research Governance and Compliance Team, in collaboration with colleagues from across the University including the Library, Doctoral College, and Research Culture. The Open Research action plan and its associated activities are outlined below.

Strategic Objectives

To encourage the adoption of Open Research Practices at the University of Bath through communication and engagement with the research community, and by providing services and training.

Functional Objectives


  1. Establish an Open Research Steering Board to develop and oversee the overall strategy and implementation of the work plan at the University of Bath and work closely with the UKRN.
  2. Report to PVC-R on the strategy for open research at Bath.
  3. Report to the Academic Ethics and Integrity Committee (AEIC) on progress with implementation of the action plan and progress to deliver on the ambitions of the strategy.
  4. Establish relevant working groups (e.g., Early Career Researchers, Qualitative Research, Open Hardware, Resources and Platforms, Open Data and Open Access) in partnership with colleagues and Departments across the whole University.

Communication and Engagement

  1. Establish and monitor awareness and use of Open Research Practices at the University of Bath.
    • 1st year – Conduct an online survey to establish baseline awareness and use of practices, identify areas for further training. Collaborate with the UKRN national survey on Open Research when launched.
    • 2nd & 3rd Years - Running an annual survey to evaluate the effectiveness of this action plan
  2. Develop a communication plan to promote and disseminate the activities encompassed by the Open Research Action Plan to researchers.
  3. Develop and publish an Open Research statement.
  4. Publish Open Research web pages to promote awareness and understanding of integral Open Research practices.
  5. Publish Open Research case studies to demonstrate the use of Open Research practices in the community .
  6. Explore opportunities to identify funds to establish an Open Research Award competition annually to highlight and award Open Research practices.
  7. Organise Open Research events to increase awareness of Open Research practices at different stages of research careers
  8. Explore opportunities to establish a network of local Open Research champions.
  9. Identify/secure funding sources to support Open Research themed activities (e.g., development of tool kits, hosting speakers, workshops).


Review and develop training for Open Research practices for staff and students.


Review and develop support services (e.g., resource lists)

Business Processes

  1. Working with the Academic Staff Committee to introduce Open Research criteria into recruitment and promotion.
  2. Introduce Open Research criteria into research planning and review.
  3. Work with RIS to review IP Procedures and terms in research contracts.
  4. Work with the Research Governance and Compliance team, and the Chairs of the ethics committees to review research ethics processes.
  5. Work with the Library to review Open Research, Open Access, and Research Data Management policies.
  6. Evaluate the implementation of the recently adopted Principles of Research Assessment and Management.
  7. Consider implications of Open Research practices within Intellectual Property policy.


  1. Review research outputs infrastructure in collaboration with Research Innovation Services (RIS).
  2. Map Open Research tools.

External Engagement

  1. Develop external engagement through:
    • Maintaining membership of the UKRN and UK Research Integrity Office.
    • Continuing to work closely with GW4 DTP and SWDTP on Open Research practices.
  2. Continuing engagement with other external bodies such as UKRN, Centre for Open Science, and UKRI concordat on open research data.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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