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A Semester Exploring Feminism

A series of seminars on feminist thinking arranged by the CBOS and FOW Research Centres

  • 8 Dec 2021, 12.30pm to 8 Dec 2021, 2.00pm GMT
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free

CBOS and FoW are arranging a programme of seminars on feminist thinking to kick off the new academic year. We plan to explore developments in feminist thought in a relaxed atmosphere and build a community among those with shared interests. If you're working with feminst ideas, doing research that may be adjacent, or are simply feminism-curious, we look forward to you joining us!

Upcoming seminars

Men and Masculinities

  • 22nd September 12.30 - 14:00
  • Online via Teams
  • Speakers: Vivek Soundararajan, Kerrie Howard and Anna Roberts

Feminist research methods and writing

  • 20th October 12.30 - 14:00
  • Online via Teams
  • Speakers: Deborah Brewis and Nancy Harding

Ethics in feminist research and future directions

  • 8th December 12.30 - 14.00
  • Online via Teams
  • Speakers: Alison Pullen, Pierre McDonagh, Lorna Stevens
  • Please note that this includes the event that was originally set to take place on November 17th, and has been rescheduled

Men and Masculinities seminar

Catch up with the discussion so far, and watch the first event in the series here.

Feminist Research Methods

The second event in the series, featuring Nancy Harding and Deborah Brewis, explored whether a new paradigm is emerging in feminist research, and practised 'writing differently'.

Read the collective poem written by event attendees, as part of the 'writing differently' exercise.

Ethics in feminist research

Hear presentations from Alison Pullen, Pierre McDonagh and Lorna Stevens, who explored ethics in feminist research and discussed future directions.

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