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Additional preferences when applying for student accommodation

If you have additional preferences for your accommodation here at University of Bath, there is a range of options to choose from.

Lifestyle choices

We offer accommodation to suit different lifestyle choices including single-sex, quiet or alcohol-free.

When you are applying for accommodation online you will be able to select these additional preference room types where available. For example, within Quads you will see the room type ‘Quiet ensuite shower’ as well as ‘Ensuite shower’.

We will do our best to place you in your preferred accommodation but cannot guarantee this. Room allocation depends on popularity and the number of applicants.

The availability of your requested accommodation will be impacted by the selection of additional preferences.

Allocations are completed in line with the below priority:

  • Course stage
  • Gender preference
  • Additional accommodation preferences, such as quiet, alcohol free, mature and LGBTQ+
  • Accommodation preference

Quiet accommodation

University accommodation can be a lively and busy environment, especially where large numbers of students are living together. If you prefer a quieter setting you can decide to live in our quiet accommodation.

If you decide to live in our quiet accommodation, we ask that you keep noise to a minimum after 10pm. After this time, there should be no music, parties or guests visiting. You should also be considerate using any shared facilities and be mindful of your housemates and their quiet preferences.

Our Security team are available to support you if your housemates are not following the rules. You can contact them anonymously. If residents living in quiet accommodation continue to not follow the rules, you may be moved to other accommodation.

While we can work to keep your immediate environment quiet, unfortunately, we can't regulate the level of external or environmental noises.

Alcohol-free accommodation

If you would prefer to live in an alcohol-free environment, we offer alcohol-free accommodation. This means no alcohol is allowed to be brought into, be stored, or consumed in your accommodation. This applies to your bedroom and shared areas such as kitchens and social spaces.

We also ask that you do not allow visitors into the building that are under the influence of alcohol.

Single-sex accommodation

You may want to apply for single-sex accommodation for religious or cultural reasons, or because you feel more comfortable living with members of the same sex only.

Students living in single-sex accommodation can have visitors or guests of the opposite sex in their accommodation. We recommend you discuss overnight guests with your housemates to ensure everyone is comfortable in their accommodation. In addition, University staff or contractors of either sex may enter the accommodation from time to time.

Mature accommodation

If you are an undergraduate student aged 21 or over, and would prefer to live with other mature students, you can decide to live in our 21 and over room type in selected buildings.

While we can provide you with a mature flat group, the rest of your accommodation building will include all ages of students.

LGBTQ+ accommodation

LGBTQ+ accommodation is an opportunity to live with people who may have shared life experiences and identify as part of the same community as you. You can apply for LGBTQ+ accommodation in Marlborough Court and Solsbury Court or Norwood House.

Speak to our team

Our ResLife team is here to support your move into University accommodation.

If you would like to discuss your situation and ask for some advice on accommodation preferences, email

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