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Additional preferences when applying for student accommodation

You can request to live in alcohol free and quiet student accommodation.

Alcohol free accommodation

Living in our alcohol free accommodation means no alcohol is allowed in the building.

This applies to all shared areas such as kitchens and social spaces, as well as your own bedroom.

We also ask that you do not allow visitors into the building that are under the influence of alcohol.

Quiet accommodation

If you live in our designated quiet accommodation, you will be in an area where no noise is allowed after 10pm.

This means no music, parties or friends visiting after this time, to help make sure it stays a quiet place to live for all residents.

The Security team will report if there is noise after 10pm. If you are found being noisy after this time, you may be moved to other accommodation.

How to apply

When you are applying for accommodation online you will be asked to select if you would like one of these additional preferences.

We will do our best to place you in your preferred accommodation, but cannot guarantee this. Room allocation depends on popularity and the number of applicants.

You can select more than one additional preference.

Speak to our Student Living Support team

The Student Living Support team is here to support your move into University accommodation.

If you would like to discuss your situation and ask for some advice on accommodation preferences, email