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Digital Examinations Forum 2021

Information on registering and participating in DEF 2021

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Digital Examinations Forum 2021- focussing on Student Experience

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15 – 27 June 2021

Digital Examinations Forum 2021:

Improving student experience with e-assessment

Digital Examinations Forum (DEF) brings together the people and technology to talk about everything related to e-assessment.

Register to receive your personal invitation to the webinar series on improving student experience with e-assessment and receive recordings of the events afterwards.

How to join a webinar

To join any of the webinars you must first register for DEF. You can do this at any point (up to and during the final webinar), but we suggest doing it before the first event on 15 June. This way you have the option of joining all the sessions.

Once you’ve registered you’ll be sent a confirmation email, with a link to join the first webinar session. Each webinar session has its own individual joining link, which will be sent out ahead of time.

These joining links will take you straight to the session. If you can’t find your joining link, then you can visit this page and enter your nine digit webinar ID.

This launches the webinar in your internet browser. There is no need to download an app or any other software.

We recommend trying a test webinar first, to make sure your computer system is compatible.

How to participate

Once you’ve joined the session you will see the GoToWebinar control panel. This allows you to manage your participation by ‘raising your hand’ and asking questions.

You may be prompted to set up audio. We advise participants to click Computer Audio and then Continue to enable your computer’s microphone and speakers. However, you will be muted throughout the presentation, to make sure that speakers can give their talk without interruption or background noise.

House rules

Please note that:

  • you can pose questions to speakers during the webinar by clicking the question mark icon in your GoToWebinar panel.
  • you are welcome to ask questions throughout the session, and the host will include them in the discussion during the Q&A.
  • the sessions will be recorded, and the videos will be shared after the session.
  • you are welcome to share the recording with your colleagues and network. Please use hashtag #def2021 to join the conversation on social media.


If you have any questions, please contact us.