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Making a claim on your contents insurance

What you need to do to make a claim on your contents insurance.

Before you make a claim

The basic policy entitles you to make a claim on the insurance policy if your belongings are stolen or damaged in a fire or flood.

Before you can make a claim for a theft or loss you must report the incident to the police. They will give you an incident number that you can use to make a claim.

Before submitting your claim read your policy schedule to make sure you are covered and have a valid claim.

Making a claim

To make a claim you must complete a claim form or call Cover4Insurance's claims team on 0161 974 1101.

You may need to attach supporting documents to your claim form.

These could include:

  • receipts
  • bills
  • valuations or repair estimates
  • full details of accident or injury and early prognosis


If you have any questions, please contact us.