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The YourGuarantor scheme

Apply for a UK guarantor when you move into private housing.

Providing a UK based guarantor

Before you move into private accommodation, most landlords or lettings agencies will ask you for a UK based guarantor.

This is someone who will pay your rent if you fall into debt whilst studying at the University of Bath.

If you cannot provide a UK guarantor, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay a large amount, or all of the rent upfront.

To avoid this, guarantor schemes are available.


At the University of Bath, we want to help our students with a reputable and reassuring partner that is competitively priced and who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For these reasons, we have partnered with Your Guarantor, who can act as your UK guarantor if you need one. The YourGuarantor scheme is discretionary and is open to both home and overseas students (EU & Non-EU), undergraduates & postgraduates.

YourGuarantor can only do this:

  • To cover a maximum of £1500 per person, per month rent, no other debts
  • For assured short hold tenancies (a typical type of tenancy in the UK)


YourGuarantor charges a percentage of your total lease for using their service:

  • 3.5% if you are an overseas or EU student
  • 5% if you are a UK student

If you struggle to pay this fee please see Student Money Advice for assistance.

Before you apply

You must:

  • not be in a situation that would affect you paying your rent on time
  • understand that you are responsible for all costs, such as replacement keys or property damage, as well as rent payments

Other guarantor services are available

Please follow the below links if you would like to research alternative options:


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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