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University of Bath

Cell and developmental biology

We research how cellular and molecular processes combine to regulate the development and functioning of animals and plants.

Our research addresses fundamental questions relevant to human health, ageing and their application to improving public health and for food security.

Our work addresses problems relating to cell interactions and behaviour of relevance to human health and disease, and food supply. Diverse in vivo and cell culture models are employed to address fundamental questions relevant to crop improvement, human health and ageing (especially neurodegenerative disorders, cancer and diabetes), and developmental biology, stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Particular attention is given to genetic and epigenetic programming, cell signalling and whole organism biology. We have strong links with the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, and the Departments of Health, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering through the Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

Research areas

  • Modelling human cancer, degenerative or congenital disease
  • Cell signalling
  • Cell-cell recognition in plants
  • Plant growth and development, with special application to food and fuel
  • Stem cells, differentiation and reprogramming
  • Systems biology of stem cells
  • Mammalian totipotency
  • Stress responses in crop plants
  • Regulation of gene expression


There are opportunities for postgraduate research throughout our group. Interested students are encouraged to contact academic staff directly or check our PhD projects on

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