University of Bath


  • Addiction and Mental Health (AIM)

    We aim to reduce the impact of addiction and mental ill-health on individuals and communities. Our research informs the public, policy and clinical practice.

  • Analysis

    We study the notion of limit, and the infinite and the infinitesimal.

  • Astrophysics

    We study exploding stars, growing galaxies and feeding black holes in an expanding Universe.

  • Fluid Dynamics Research Unit

    Our research in fluid dynamics covers internal and external flows, aircraft, micro air vehicles, acoustics, blood flow, porous materials and wind turbines.

  • Nanoscience

    We research how quantum mechanical and thermodynamic properties of molecules, nanostructures, multilayers and glassy materials can be modified.

  • Neuroscience network

    An interdisciplinary group from psychology, biology and biochemistry, pharmacy and pharmacology, physics and computer science and local hospital research teams.