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Doctoral Peer Mentoring scheme

Find out more about the Doctoral College's Doctoral Peer Mentoring scheme for new students.

What is peer mentoring?

Peer mentoring for new doctoral students involves us matching you with another doctoral student who has been at the University for six months or more so that they can be a point of contact for when you start your studies with us. Peer Mentors will:

  • share their own experiences of doctoral studies with you
  • be a friendly point of contact for you
  • give you tips of how to make the most of your doctorate
  • signpost a range of activities, opportunities and support available to you (if you're new to the University)
Find out more about doctoral peer mentoring
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Do I have a peer mentor?

If you are a new doctoral student, studying on a PhD programme in one of the following departments then you will have access to a Doctoral Peer Mentor through the Doctoral College Peer Mentoring scheme:

  • All students in the Faculty of Engineering and Design
  • All students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • All students in the School of Management
  • Students in the following departments: Department of Biology and Biochemistry, Department of Computer Science, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Doctoral students in other departments should check with their Director of Studies or Doctoral Programmes Administrator whether they have a Peer Mentoring Scheme.

Making contact with your Peer Mentor

Your Peer Mentor should contact you on your University email address before you arrive at the University to arrange an initial meeting with you. We would normally expect you to meet with your Peer Mentor within your first two weeks of starting your programme. Meetings will either take place on MS Teams or in-person, depending on your own needs. In some cases you may meet as a group with other new students. During this initial meeting it is down to you and your Peer Mentor to establish how often you would like to meet.

Email us if you haven't heard from your Peer Mentor
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Become a Peer Mentor

Once you have been on your doctoral programme for at least six months you are able to volunteer as a Peer Mentor. All Peer Mentors receive comprehensive training from the Students' Union and will have access to support along the way. The benefits of being a Peer Mentor include:

  • giving something back to the University
  • developing good supervision skills
  • staying connected to other people
Find out more about volunteering as a Peer Mentor
Chao Fang, Doctoral Peer Mentor 2016-2019

Contact us about peer mentoring

If you have any questions about the Doctoral Peer Mentoring scheme then please get in touch with us.