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Recording your professional development during your doctorate

How to record training and other professional development activities in SAMIS

Recording training and development activities in SAMIS

Any courses or workshops you attend which have been booked through the DoctoralSkills Programme will be automatically added to your professional development training record within SAMIS.

However it is important that you record other training, activities and experiences that you consider contribute to your professional development. These will be reviewed periodically by your supervisor and faculty in ensuring that you have demonstrated a commitment to your wider professional development.

To record these actvities in SAMIS logon to 'SAMIS on the Web'. In the section labelled 'student tasks' click on the link 'record additional PGR training'. This should take you to a new window for you to record any additioinal activites relevant to your professional development.

If additional event records are required please contact the SAMIS team.


If you have any questions, please contact us.