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Evolution Education Trust doctoral funding

Find out about Evolution Education Trust funding for science students at the University and check if you are eligible.

About the Milner Centre for Evolution

The Milner Centre is a cross-faculty research centre bridging biology, health and education.

The Milner Centre for Evolution was established in June 2015 and is housed in a dedicated building on the University campus.

The three core objectives of the Centre are:

  • to research fundamental evolutionary questions
  • to apply evolutionary principles to real-world problems
  • to improve the public understanding of evolution

The research interests of the Milner Centre are very broad, encompassing molecular processes and comparative genomics, conservation and ecology, paleobiology and evolution in deep time, and the epidemiology of microbial pathogens. Our ambition is to apply basic evolutionary principles to help mitigate the greatest global challenges, such as climate change and the rise of antibiotic resistance. Our outreach program seeks to engage the general public in raising understanding of evolutionary concepts and to seek more effective teaching of evolution in schools at all levels.

About the Evolution Education Trust

The Evolution Education Trust supports fundamental research in the fields of evolutionary biology and genetics, as well as research into how best to deliver evolution teaching and outreach.

Funded PhD positions are available at the Milner Centre for Evolution, a unique, cross-faculty research centre bridging biology, health and education at the University of Bath. These studentships will either focus on fundamental evolutionary research (but will include an outreach component) or will focus entirely on education and outreach with respect to any aspect of evolutionary science.

By joining the Centre as a PhD student, you will find yourself in a supportive, academically stimulating, research-intensive environment that encourages you to reach your full potential.

Studentship value

Find out how much funding is available.

A studentship will provide you with funding for up to three and a half years and includes ‘Home’ tuition fees, maintenance at the UKRI doctoral stipend rate £18,622 each year (2023/24 rate), a generous budget for research and training as well as funds to support outreach activities.

Eligibility criteria

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Application deadlines

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Scheme opens

The scheme opens for applications on Friday 1 December 2023 and is available for advertised PhD projects only. Please read the Application Guide by clicking on the link below.

Scheme closes

The application deadline is Sunday 11 February 2024 (23:59 GMT).

Find out how to apply for an Evolution Education Trust PhD Studentship

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