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Research4Good - making a positive difference through management research

Our research improves people’s lives. It enhances our community. It strengthens our economy. It contributes to a better world. It’s Research4Good.


Driving real world impact through our research.

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School of Management research makes a real impact. See how we are helping people, communities, economies and the world.

The Research4Good podcast

Listen to the fifth episode in our Research4Good podcast series. Professor David Ellis interviews Dr Lorna Stevens about her work on bringing a feminist approach to marketing.

Research4Good case studies

Our academics hope to change the world for the better. Find out what drives them and how their research is having a positive impact.

This profile of Professor Rajani Naidoo explores how her experiences as a student motivated her to transform the system of higher education for the better. Rajani's research looks at access and inclusivity, and also reflects on the purpose of universities in society.

This profile of Dr Liv Brown focuses on her pursuit of impact. Liv speaks about her work into online extremism and her goal of creating useful tools for the security services to use to tackle terrorism. She also reflects on the practical and personal challenges of doing work in this space.

This profile of Dr Luke Fletcher sets out how to be a workplace ally to the LGBT+ community. Luke explains that organisational and individual allyship is crucial for improving the experiences of LGBT+ people at work, increasing their overall wellbeing and workplace productivity.


Our research improves people’s lives. We tackle challenges around individual wellbeing, health, exploitation and discrimination through management research.

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Our research helps protect people from being victims of modern slavery by helping companies and the government understand the links between modern slavery and supply chains.


Our research enhances communities. We work to build infrastructure and links where you live and work, to drive vibrancy and resilience.

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We’re helping local hospitals manage their capacity, improve patient care and coordinate their Covid-19 response.


Our research strengthens the economy. It supports businesses to flourish and grow, and supports innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Our research supports start up and existing social enterprises in the local community. Our Social Enterprise and Innovation Business Support Programme provided business support to social entrepreneurs.


Our research contributes to a better world. We work with partners across the globe to improve society and work towards a more sustainable future.

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Our research helps improve education in developing countries. It looks at the link between different models of school management and how these affect student learning and well-being.

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Research4Good podcast

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