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Transition: Preparing to study at Bath

Part of the Transition Toolkit - more information about how to develop your skills ready for studying at Bath

Develop your academic skills

Use the Academic Skills Self-Assessment Tool to reflect on your academic skills, consider what you feel confident about, and identify where you might like to further develop your academic skills.

You’ll begin by completing a diagnostic questionnaire to measure your confidence. Following this you’ll be directed to resources you can use to learn more about academic skills and boost your confidence ready for starting at university. If you've already completed the questions, you can access the resources directly.

You may also want to watch a session on

Start the Skills Self-Assessment and access the resources

Digital Skills

Digital skills are the skills you need to study and work in our fast-evolving digital world. Current technologies are being replaced by more advanced ones increasingly rapidly, so having a strong digital skillset, and feeling confident in your own capabilities to navigate through a constantly changing digital environment, will be valuable while studying at Bath and for your future employment.

Explore how you'll be supported with your digital skills

Preparing for study if you have a disability or mental health condition

At Bath we ensure we support all students to be able to achieve their potential. Hear from Joel about the support from application to entry for students with disabilities or mental health conditions.

Transition Toolkit

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