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A year of opportunity

MSc in Marketing student Julia Van De Weerdhof discusses the 'hidden gem’ of Bath and how the course has opened up a range of opportunities.

Portrait of Julia Van De Weerdhof
Julia has really enjoyed meeting inspiring people from all around the world

A supportive and inspiring place

Throughout my MSc in Marketing, the University and the School of Management made it very clear to me that I could count on their support. I could tell that by offering a masters in sustainability and things like the Community Challenge the School cares about doing good things and inspiring students.

A busy but amazing experience

My degree has been a busy, interesting and amazing experience. I’m not just talking about the course, but also the many sporting activities I did, my work as academic rep, the Future Business Challenge, and many other things. I am beyond happy with my experience because the University makes it easy to seize opportunities and supports you in making the most of your time here.

Connecting us with industry

The connection with the working world is something I find really unique about the University. It partners with a huge range of companies and lets us meet these organisations. Through competitions like the Future Business Challenge, we gain a clear view of what is happening in the workplace. This means we can apply what we learn on the course to the real world.

A beautiful and historic city

I’ve enjoyed living in such a beautiful city with so much history. The whole student atmosphere in Bath is very welcoming. The city has lots of beautiful places to discover and enjoy. What I enjoyed most is that Bath is kind of a hidden gem to me. I had never heard of Bath before and when I explored it for the first time, it was like a whole new world opened up.

An experience I will never forget

My best experience has been meeting so many great and inspiring people from all around the world. I’ve also enjoyed gaining knowledge from amazing professors and most importantly broadening my horizons.

The connection with the working world is something I find really unique about the University.
Julia Van De Weerdhof MSc in Marketing

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