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Becoming a better version of myself

MSc in Finance with Banking student Maria Khan on why Bath was the perfect choice for her future career.

Portrait of Maria Khan
Maria really enjoyed applying theory to real life on the Practice Track

A safe and beautiful city

I visited Bath in 2010 and it won my heart with its beauty. You can’t find another city like this as it has its own unique architecture and history. I wanted to study in a safe and beautiful city. Being close to the airports was also important so I had the opportunity to travel. Rankings were also a top priority and Bath is ranked highly for accounting and finance.

Plenty of opportunities to learn and develop

I really enjoy my degree in Finance with Banking. All the modules are really interesting and relevant for careers in the finance industry. The best thing about my course is the support from the professors. They will always give you a hand if you don’t understand something. So you can always keep learning and developing yourself. Bath is a place where you can become a better version of yourself. It’s amazing.

Applying theory to real life

I really enjoyed the Practice Track because it offers the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. The company project was really challenging as we had to do an analysis of a very broad topic in a short time period. Organising a fundraising event for the charity developed our organisation and communication skills. And writing the reflective report enhanced our writing skills.

Getting a dream job

I definitely feel that I chose the right degree for my future career. All the technical questions that I was asked in interviews were covered during my degree. Having the right knowledge is key to getting a dream job.

When I came across the MSc in Finance with Banking, I realised that it has just the right modules to make me successful in my future job.
Maria Khan MSc in Finance with Banking

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