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Becoming a career-ready graduate with support from Bath

MSc graduate Michael shares how employability resources, networking opportunities and a diverse community at Bath helped to prepare him for his future career.

Michael at graduation
'I am proud to have been a part of this community and will always cherish my connection to the School of Management.'

Michael Stavrou studied MSc in Operations Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the School of Management. Now a Process Lead for the Hula Hoops Brand at KP Snacks, he shared with us how his experience laid the foundation for his current role.

Hands-on industry experience

Reflecting on the course, Michael acknowledged its contributions to his professional growth. 'The focus on practical experience and industry engagement drew me in,' he explained. 'In today’s competitive job market, employers are seeking candidates with hands-on experience and a relevant skill set.'

A standout aspect for Michael was the Live Consulting Project. This involved students collaborating with ASDA to tackle real-world challenges. 'The project honed my problem-solving and critical thinking skills,' he said. 'It taught me to translate conceptual knowledge into actionable solutions—crucial in operations management.'

Building a professional network

The networking opportunities and industry connections on the course also resonated with Michael. 'Attending career fairs and networking sessions has helped me to build a robust professional network,' he told us.

'Through the course, I visited organisations like Mars Inc. and ASDA, and participated in events like the Bath Debate. These opportunities provided firsthand exposure to professionals and their insights.'

A diverse and welcoming environment

Michael described his experience in Bath as fantastic. 'The city's blend of beauty and dynamism creates a safe and welcoming atmosphere,' he shared. 'One of the highlights of the University is the diversity among students. It’s been an enriching experience, broadening my perspectives and fostering cultural exchange.'

He also praised the University's support services, particularly the Student Experience Officers. 'Their assistance during challenging times was invaluable,' he said. 'Whether it was academic difficulties or personal issues, there was a sense of understanding.'

Michael's role as an academic representative also highlighted the University's commitment to student welfare. 'I was amazed by how much students are listened to. There is a sense of active engagement in addressing their concerns.'

An enriching year

Michael was one of the recipients of a School of Management Worldwide Scholarship in 2022. During his studies, he won the Postgraduate Taught Academic Representative of the Year award at the Education Awards 2023. He also achieved the Bath Professional Development Award 2022/23 and the AKQA MSc Prize for his strong academic and professional development achievements and his commitment to the School.

'As I continue my position as Process Lead, I'm grateful for the solid foundation laid by the School of Management and the people behind it all,' Michael said. 'The course not only made me job-ready but also instilled a lifelong commitment to learning and professional growth.'

'It's been a year filled with enriching experiences and learning opportunities. As a graduate, I'm proud to have been a part of this community and will always cherish my connection to the University of Bath, and the School of Management.'

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