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How I met my employer through an MSc in Management at Bath

Bath graduate Abhijeet Jangale now works as an IT consultant in London. He shares the story of his journey from India to studying and working in the UK.

A headshot of Abhijeet Jangale
Abhijeet Jangale, MSc Management graduate

My role as an IT consultant

My current role is at Confinale, a consultancy and software development company in London.

I met the manager of Confinale at one of the University of Bath careers fairs. Later, they requested my CV and sent a logical and mathematical reasoning test. I had two rounds of interviews before they offered me the role.

As an IT consultant, I focus on ensuring our software performs well for our banking clients. This involves analysing, designing and customising the software to meet each client's needs. It's a dynamic position that combines problem-solving, client support and innovation in the financial technology sector.

How my master's has helped me so far

The main reason I applied for my master's was the Practice Track option offered by the University. But several other factors influenced my decision.

The School’s outstanding reputation, well-rounded curriculum and dynamic multicultural environment convinced me to apply. I liked the number of modules the course offered and how these led to specialisations within the degree.

The MSc played a pivotal role in enhancing my capabilities. I gained analytical and strategic thinking skills and an understanding of modern business management. During the Practice Track, I applied concepts I'd learned in practice, like client management and risk analysis. This experience has been particularly valuable in my current role.

My experience in the UK

My experience as an international student in Bath was truly enriching. The beautiful city has a warm and inviting community. The people I met through work, university and in the city were exceptionally kind and welcoming.

I absolutely recommend the MSc in Management at the University of Bath. My advice to aspiring students from India is to fully embrace the experience. The invaluable experience of living in a different country is something I strongly encourage. Engage with the diverse community and make use of the academic resources and career support available. This will not only enrich your academic journey but can also significantly boost your employability.

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