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My journey from an MSc at Bath to PwC Japan

MSc Management with Marketing graduate Natsuki Yamada on why she chose Bath for postgraduate study, and how her degree led to a career at PwC Japan.

Natsuki Yamada
Natsuki uses the relationship-building skills she developed at Bath in her work.

Choosing Bath for postgraduate study

My internship experience as a digital marketer at a venture company during my undergraduate days made me want to study marketing as an academic discipline from the basics.

I chose Bath for my master’s degree as it was ranked the UK's top university for marketing in The Complete University Guide 2024. Another major factor in my decision to study at the School of Management was Practice Track, the practical alternative to a dissertation. Although I wanted a master's degree, my undergraduate experience had made me uncomfortable with dissertations. Bath's unique dissertation alternative was very appealing.

The course gave me a broad understanding of business fundamentals. This helped me to understand business operations when I started working at a consulting firm. Group work experiences have been especially useful for my actual work. The project management, motivation management and other relationship-building skills I developed at Bath are also helpful.

My career since graduating

After graduation, I started my career at PwC Japan as a business consultant. I help clients increase customer engagement in various ways including sales strategy development and marketing support.

The application for my role went very smoothly. It only took about a month from the application screening to the final interview. I applied after finishing my MSc, but the Careers Service staff at Bath were very helpful and advised me even after I graduated.

Facing challenges while studying

A challenge I had to overcome during my course was that I had to balance my studies and job hunting at the same time. When the course started, I hadn't decided whether I wanted to go back to Japan for work or stay in the UK. I was searching for job opportunities in both locations. The job hunting process in Japan is very fast compared to the UK, so I started preparing as soon as I enrolled on the course.

From an early stage, I had regular consulting sessions with Careers Service staff. I also actively participated in the community of Japanese students in the UK and talked to friends from MSc Management. Students and lecturers at Bath were very thoughtful and helpful. They were all willing to talk to me and help me when I was facing difficulties, so I could finish my course without any stress.

My advice for future students

Bath is a beautiful and special place, perfect not only for studies but also for a rich personal life. The city's World Heritage status adds to its allure, and its compact layout makes it easy to explore on foot. When the weather is good, picnicking with friends at the Royal Crescent or in the University grounds is delightful.

My time in Bath was incredibly fulfilling. The friendships I made are lasting, and I'm confident that taking the Management MSc course at the University of Bath will open up new horizons and opportunities for you.

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