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Navigating my career path in project management

Pakistani graduate, Ammar Siddiqui, shares how the skills he gained on his MSc in International Management course helped him secure a job as a project manager.

Choosing Bath for postgraduate study

I was drawn to the School of Management at the University of Bath because of its exceptional global reputation and high ranking.

My MSc course gave me valuable skills in managing high workloads and collaborating with diverse teams. I also learned practical skills in modules like business analytics.

The academic support I received from the School's Dean was outstanding. The University's Career Service also played a crucial role as they helped me secure a work placement at Airbus Group during my studies.

My role since graduating

In my role as Project Manager at Razi Real Estate Management Group, I oversee industrial and commercial construction projects. This includes:

  • project management
  • financial planning and budgeting
  • communicating with stakeholders to ensure progress on all projects

My ambition over the next five to ten years is to launch my own business in the real estate industry.

Living in Bath as an international student

My experience in Bath was incredibly positive. There was a sense of community and cultural immersion that I might not have had in a bustling metropolis like London. The campus felt safe and the personal touch in teaching and interacting with students made me feel at home.

My advice for prospective students

I strongly encourage prospective students in Pakistan to apply for the MSc International Management course at the University of Bath. It not only offers a world-class education but could also lead to the opportunity to find long-term work in the UK.

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