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Securing a job at Deloitte

Max Tomlinson on how our unique MSc in Innovation and Technology Management let him combine his engineering and design interests with management.

Portrait of Max Tomlinson
Max really enjoyed meeting like-minded students and staff

A practical course with a global focus

The reputation of the University, the Faculty of Engineering and the School of Management were major factors in my decision to study here. I wanted a course that would let me learn new skills and knowledge in a practical and collaborative environment.

The MSc in Innovation and Technology Management exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to drawing upon the practical nature of the course. This will help me drive innovation and manage positive change at organisations I go on to work at.

Applying theory to real life scenarios

Through group exercises and individual study, I’ve developed my problem solving, teamworking and leadership skills. I’ve enjoyed being pushed to develop management theory and apply it effectively to real life scenarios. I’ve been able to delve deeply into topics of particular interest. My dissertation focused on combining two topics I‘m passionate about: applying innovation theory to FinTech development.

We also had guest lectures from visiting industry experts and academics on contemporary topics like AI, cross-cultural management and sustainable energy.

A career-focussed course

After graduation, I’ll be starting my career as a Technology Consulting Analyst at Deloitte. This role will draw upon the skills I’ve developed in units I studied on my MSc. The course content, contacts I’ve made and the overall experience will continue to benefit me. I’m looking forward to drawing on these as my career progresses.

Developing a global network

The best experiences I have had at Bath have been meeting like-minded students and staff. The connections that I’ve built with a global network of peers will develop and continue as we all start our careers.

The School of Management Careers Team were invaluable in supporting my graduate employment search and applications.
Max Tomlinson MSc in Innovation and Technology Management

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