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Spending six years studying in the ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ city of Bath

Nicolas Louca on studying MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management at the University straight after doing his mechanical engineering degree here.

Portrait of Nicolas Louca
Nicolas loved working with an entrepreneur while doing his dissertation

Not a stranger to Bath

I’d already completed an MEng Mechanical Engineering degree and placement here. So studying the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management was my sixth year as a student at the University. Bath is a gorgeous place to live and study, and the University is ranked amongst the UK elite in a variety of areas, including management and engineering.

The University offers loads of opportunities to explore new hobbies and sports. There are all sorts of socials and events taking place on and off campus, so there is always something interesting and exciting to keep you busy. Bath also benefits from having a more relaxed lifestyle compared to larger cities while also being full of student life.

A diverse class

My MSc was diverse, with people from a large variety of cultural and academic backgrounds, making it an exceptional social experience. I feel lucky for making friends from all over the globe, while having the chance to get involved with really exciting projects.

Working alongside a real-life entrepreneur

The course content definitely lived up to my expectations. The quality of teaching and support has been excellent.

The highlight of my degree has to be my dissertation. I chose to do it in collaboration with an entrepreneur who I met through a university networking event. To research, explore and develop her engineering start-up’s business idea, I got exposure to the entrepreneurial process while talking to industry experts. This provided me with valuable insights and lessons.

Opening plenty of career opportunities

Although I want to develop professionally within the field of engineering and technology, my MSc will help me use my business, management and entrepreneurship skills. It will widen my options, giving me access to more business-oriented roles and entrepreneurial ventures.

The course content and structure definitely lived up to my expectations and the quality of teaching and support has been excellent.
Nicolas Louca MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management

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