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Completing the Ethical Implications of Research Activity (EIRA1)

Key points to ensure a rapid turn-around of your Ethical Implications of Research Activity (EIRA1)

Whilst we recognise that the EIRA1 form isn’t perfect, it should work in most cases. We have noticed that a number of EIRA1 forms have been delayed due to incomplete or wrong information being added. Recognising some common errors, we have provided some importance advice.

Things to note

  • not all web browsers support the form – you may need to try a different browser (Google Chrome appears to be more reliable)
  • you (and subsequent signatories) must use your Bath email address
  • confirm with your supervisor who should act as the 2nd Reader before completing the form
  • add the correct names as your Supervisor, 2nd Reader, Departmental Research Ethics Officer and Head of Department – wrong or missing names lead to forms being lost on the system
  • complete all sections of the EIRA1 form, and answer all sections even if the answer is ‘no’ – forms will stall if you haven’t completed all sections
  • check the form thoroughly before submitting
  • only complete one form – the system gets confused when there are duplicate forms
  • let your supervisor know when the form has been submitted so they are ready to action it. If you see that your form has been in a certain status for a couple of days, follow up with the person from whom the action is required to see if they have been alerted to the form needing review

Taking your time at this stage to ensure your form is complete and correct will potentially save a lot more time later on by avoiding ‘lost’ or ‘stalled’ EIRA1 forms and committee applications.

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