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Doctoral Deadlines for Graduation Ceremonies

The timetable that doctoral students must follow in order to be eligible to attend the University's graduation ceremonies.

Essential steps and deadlines to attend graduation ceremonies

Invitations to graduation ceremonies are sent to two groups of doctoral students: those who have already had their award approved and those who may complete in time to have their award approved before the upcoming ceremonies. If you have yet to complete your doctorate you will be included in the second group if you have submitted your thesis and had your examiners appointed prior to the invitations going out (early April for summer, and mid-October for winter).

If you receive an invitation but have yet to have your final award approved, these invitations will be provisional. Receiving an invitation does not mean that you are eligible to attend the ceremony.

You are only eligible to attend the summer 2024 ceremonies if you have received an invitation AND completed the steps listed below by the 17th June 2024.

Steps to complete by 17th June 2024
Viva examination held
Any recommended corrections completed and signed off
Final thesis uploaded to PURE
HD3 form completed and submitted to Doctoral College
Submitted a hardbound copy of your thesis to the Doctoral College offices in 10West or provided evidence to your Doctoral College Programme Administrator that your thesis has been submitted to Print Services for hard binding (a receipt from Print Services will suffice)

If any of these steps have not been completed by the date specified, you will not be eligible to attend a graduation ceremony.

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