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School of Management MSc Welcome Events

A list of events taking place during your MSc Welcome Week and what you can expect from them.

MSc Welcome week

Welcome to the School Networking Reception

All MSc students should attend a networking reception. This welcome reception by the Dean of the School of Management and other key staff will look at expectations and cover key messages for the year ahead.

You will be encouraged to network with others including students, alumni, academics and professional support colleagues, building a sense of belonging and community.

Please check your welcome week timetable for your reception time and date.

MSc course check in

At this session you will meet your classmates for the first time and check in to your MSc course.

You will need to scan a QR code to check in to your MSc course. All School of Management MSc students need to QR code check in before Monday 16 October 2023. We will confirm details of the QR code in September 2023.

You must QR code check in to officially check in for your MSc course.

Director of Studies Welcome

It's very important you attend this session. You will meet your Director of Studies, your Student Experience Officer, MSc Office Team Programme Support and your new coursemates.

Getting started on your MSc

In this essential session you’ll learn how to understand your Semester 1 timetable and other useful information to help you manage your first few weeks of study, including opportunities to get involved and support to help you succeed during your Master's. The MSc team will be available to answer any questions you have as you settle into your course.

Unit choices

Most of our master's courses include both compulsory and optional units. Other universities sometimes call them 'modules'.

You will have to make your option choices for semester 1 and semester 2 online before semester 1 teaching starts. The system for choosing units online will be available during a specified time only. We will notify you of the dates in September.

You should think about your unit choices before Welcome Week.

To help you understand the optional units and summer options (if your course includes optional units) we will provide more information in September.

Careers Support and the Professional Development Programme

We are very proud of our excellent MSc record on employability. This session will give an overview of what graduate recruiters look for, the recruitment process and timeframe and how the MSc Careers team can help you achieve your career goals. You will also have the opportunity to have a professional LinkedIn photo taken.

Summer Options Talk

Practice Track, Internship, Entrepreneurial Project and Start-up are alternatives to writing a dissertation and only available on selected MSc courses.

In this session we will compare summer options available to you. Not all courses have an option.

Practice Track: MSc students' view

Watch our students talk about their Practice Track experiences

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If you have any questions, please contact us.