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Understanding the difference between our business and management degrees

A comparison between the School of Management’s BSc Business and management courses.

The difference between business and management

One decision you might still have to make is whether to apply to our BSc Business degree or one of our BSc management courses.

Our management degrees are:

This guide sets out the differences between our BSc Business and our management courses to help you make the right choice.

Course structure

BSc Business

A four-year, full-time course with two six-month work placements taking place in Year 2 and Year 3. You won't find this unique structure at any other top business school.

Management courses

A four-year, full-time course with one work placement in Year 3 or a three-year course with no placement. On BSc International Management, you’ll spend Year 3 outside the UK.

Courses that suit your style

BSc Business

With BSc Business, you’ll have one year in Bath, then a six-month work placement. Then you’ll have two semesters of study in Bath before your next placement.

We've designed BSc Business to give you as many opportunities as possible to help you decide your career path.

Management courses

You’ll have two years studying in Bath, followed by a work placement. You will then return to Bath for the final year. Academic Exchange is an option you can request in Year 3 of BSc International Management. It’s not available on BSc Management or BSc Management with Marketing.

Our management degrees provide a classic structure with a work placement of up to a year. This gives you the experience you need to kick-start your career.

How soon you experience the workplace

BSc Business

BSc Business starts preparing you for work as soon as you start your course. Your Professional Development Programme starts at the beginning of Year 1 to prepare you for your first placement at the beginning of Year 2.

Management courses

Our management courses give you more time to study before going into the workplace. Your Professional Development Programme starts in Semester 2 of Year 1. This programme is for all management students, whether you do a placement or not.

Specialist or a broad degree

BSc Business

With BSc Business, you will customise your degree through the options you choose. You may choose to focus on particular subjects or you may want to build your degree on a broader set of subjects. Your placement experiences should help you decide.

Management courses

If your first year makes you want to specialise, you can tailor your degree to your interests from Year 2 with a range of optional units. At the end of Year 1, you can apply to switch to one of the specialist Management degrees, such as BSc International Management or BSc Management with Marketing.

How you’ll learn

BSc Business

BSc Business has lots of opportunities for group work. Gain practical experience and develop your research, negotiation and project management skills while working on:

  • the Social Entrepreneurship Action Project
  • the Research Project
  • the Final Year Project

Management courses

Develop transferable skills in Year 1 with core subjects that combine business knowledge with technical analysis. Expand your experience with opportunities including:

Graduate prospects

Our graduates have an excellent record of success. A high proportion of our students are working or studying within 15 months of graduating (Discover Uni 2024):

  • 100% of Business graduates
  • 100% of International Management graduates
  • 85% of Management with Marketing graduates
  • 95% of 3-year Management graduates
  • 100% of 4-year Management graduates


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