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Global Early-Career Accelerator for Representation (GEAR)

The GEAR programme aims to improve the representation of researchers from low-and-middle income (LMI) countries in the field of business and society.


The field of research which focuses on societal wellbeing is dominated by researchers from high-income economies. We want to help change this.

The field of business and society departs from the mainstream management field by focussing on research that matters to societal wellbeing. Still, the field is dominated by researchers from high-income economies. The discourses and people from low-and-middle economies are hardly represented in the field. While research on these contexts is often published in high-quality outlets, they are usually written by those in high-Income economies. A significant reason for this disparity is the difference in the quality of training that researchers in low-and-middle economies receive in terms of topics, methods, and writing.

We can collectively contribute to changing this. The Centre for Business, Organisations and Society (CBOS) at the University of Bath has a long history of supporting the development of early career researchers in the field of business and society. With some fifty faculty members and an ongoing programme of reading groups, workshops, and conferences, the Centre is in a position to share its knowledge and expertise to help enhance the representation of early career scholars from LMI countries in the business and society field.

The Programme

This is a virtual programme.

The GEAR programme is virtual and will focus on developing knowledge and capabilities in writing a high-quality research article for a top journal. Participants will be required to read assigned readings prior to sessions and be prepared to discuss them in the group, as well as committing to completing a writing task each week.


The GEAR programme will run for 7 weeks every year in Spring (Starting in 2024) with one 150 minutes session per week delivered by members of CBOS.

Structure of the programme

The GEAR programme runs for 7 weeks.

Date Time Week Title
15 April 2024 9.30 am -12 Noon (UK time) 1 Introduction to the program
22 April 2024 9.30 am -12 Noon (UK time) 2 Writing the title, abstract, and introduction
29 April 2024 9.30 am -12 Noon (UK time) 3 Writing the literature review
6 May 2024 9.30 am -12 Noon (UK time) 4 Writing the methods
13 May 2024 9.30 am -12 Noon (UK time) 5 Writing the findings
20 May 2024 9.30 am -12 Noon (UK time) 6 Writing the discussion and conclusion, and making the submission
27 May 2024 9.30 am -12 Noon (UK time) 7 Conclusion to the program and moving forward

Selection criteria

This programme is for early-career researchers.

Selection criteria:

  • Early-career researchers (advanced PhD students and within three years post-PhD)
  • Located in an academic establishment in a low-and-middle-income country
  • Research on business and society topics (broadly defined)
  • Motivation to conduct and publish high-quality research
  • Data collection completed, or a first draft of a conceptual paper ready

How to apply

See below how to apply to the GEAR programme.

You can apply via the application form. Note that you must download the application form, complete and send it along with the following documents as a single email.

Required application documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae: 2 pages
  2. Outline of a paper that you want to develop through this program: 1000 words

The outline should clearly state the research question or objectives with a robust rationale and an overview of the methods, findings, and contributions.

References, tables, figures, and appendices are excluded from the word limit, but we suggest keeping it to a minimum.

The application form, curriculum vitae and the paper outline must be sent to:

The deadline is 15 November 2023.

GEAR fellowship

Apply for the GEAR fellowship upon completion.

Upon completion, the candidates will be invited to apply for the GEAR fellowships. Up to two candidates will be selected from the cohort. The selected candidates will be invited to visit the school for a term (11-12 weeks), attend courses they wish to attend, and work with a mentor to develop their papers.

They can benefit from the exposure and other activities within the school and the university. The school and the faculty can also learn from their experiences and shape practices. The value of each GEAR fellowship is £6000 to cover costs of travel, accommodation, and sustenance.

Apply to the programme

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the GEAR programme, please do get in contact.