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Doing a PHD with CREI

Our PHD students explain why they chose Bath, and talk about what it's like to be part of the Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Choosing CREI for your doctoral programme

The primary aim of our doctoral programme is to train and develop future academics. We have an active PhD community and our students play a full role in the Centre. We encourage and support conference attendance and publication.

We welcome applications for full-time and part-time study. Each year there are various University funding opportunities available. We also welcome applications from self-funded candidates.

All PhD students become members of the Doctoral College, which works to support and enrich the experience of our doctoral researchers.

Support and training

"Support and training in the whole School of Management and especially CREI is excellent. There is a dedicated Doctoral College for PHD students, which puts on lots of skills workshops. In these, PhDs can get specific training on practical issues, like using certain programs to analyse data, learning how to use databases to search scientific articles and books. You also learn about more personal things, like ways of dealing with PhD pressure, how to best organise your studies, or even preparing for future job interviews. In the first year of their studies, PHDs must put together a document explaining their proposed research questions, methods and the implications of their research. This was really helpful, and helped clarify my thinking at the beginning of my studies"
Nansy Lampraki

"Being a part of CREI has really helped me develop international links. In November 2019 we hosted a 2-day workshop with Copenhagen Business School. As a PhD I am constantly looking for ways to expand my research network, so having this kind of event in Bath is an amazing opportunity."
Alessandro Lucini Paioni

Why join a research centre?

"Joining a research centre has been an enriching experience for me, as it's provided an intellectual centre for my life at Bath. As a student member of CREI, I've had the opportunity to present my research at a workshop organised in collaboration with academics at the Copenhagen Business School. I received great developmental feedback and expanded my network of collaborative research partnerships."
Huma Javaid

"We get to find out about upcoming research taking place in our field, as well as the opportunity to meet and socialize with very important academics from all around the world, who can provide useful comments on your own research in progress. The sense of belonging in a research environment, where all the great scholars in our field are willing to help and contribute their experience to our research is priceless."
Nansy Lampraki

"Joining a research centre offers invaluable growth opportunities to PhDs. The CREI leadership organises regular paper development workshops, open to all its members. This is a unique opportunity to present your research to leading scholars in the field and get helpful and friendly feedback. At conferences, very few people actually read your whole paper so getting this much attention paid to your work and having access to experts is very valuable. I find it very helpful to hear what a range of different people – from PhD to junior and senior faculty – have to say on the same paper. Having this range of opinions and viewpoints helps draw a fuller picture of the paper’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s always interesting to see whether I had the same ideas and it’s helped me refine the way I approach research and scientific contributions. Overall, the environment in CREI is nurturing, open and supportive – it’s been a great experience so far!"
Alessandro Lucini Paioni