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Fulfilling a childhood dream

MSc in Accounting and Finance student Huyen Nguyen on how studying a master’s with us helped her land her dream job at PwC.

Portrait of Huyen Nguyen
Huyen has enjoyed the cross-cultural experience

Expanding my knowledge and business skills

Studying the MSc in Accounting and Finance has been essential to my career path. It’s not only expanded my breadth of knowledge in a global context but also enhanced my business skills such as teamwork and analytical thinking. It’s also been a great opportunity to gain cross-cultural experience from making international friends and living in a foreign country.

Choosing Bath

Since I was a child, the UK has always been my first choice for doing a master’s because of its worldwide academic reputation. The University of Bath caught my attention with its high ranking. I was also attracted by the intensive learning modules and diverse teaching methods. The School of Management is also known for its high-profile professors with in-depth knowledge and industry experience.

In terms of the city, I never stop being stunned by Bath’s beauty, where every corner tells a story of British history. It gives me a sense of home that cannot be found anywhere else.

Landing my dream job at PwC

There is no doubt that studying the MSc in Accounting and Finance helped me to land my dream job at PwC UK. I gained knowledge that’s proved essential for applying for finance-related jobs. I also developed my teamworking skills, which are highly appreciated by employers. I also received great support from the School’s career service in preparing my application.

One of the best decisions I’ve made

Choosing the MSc in Accounting and Finance is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve grown significantly, not only in terms of knowledge but also mindset. I’ve learned to embrace different perspectives, stay hungry for knowledge and adapt to another culture. Above all, I’ve found my second home with international friends who are always by my side.

There is no doubt that getting my MSc degree at the University of Bath has played a part in me landing my dream job.
Huyen Nguyen MSc in Accounting and Finance

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