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School of Management International Exchange Students units for study semester 1

Find out about the units you can study while on exchange at the School of Management.


Please ensure that you read the course catalogue for the units you are interested in taking and note the following:

  • some units cannot be taken in conjunction with others
  • ensure you have the necessary prerequisites from your home institution for each course

Semester 1

Code Unit name ECTS credits
MN20018 Financial accounting and reporting 6
MN20023 Business forecasting 6
MN20024 Commercial contracts 6
MN20026 Principles of finance 6
MN20027 Economics of strategy: rivalry 6
MN20032 E-business 6
MN20034 Brand management 6
MN20072 Managing human resources 6
MN20074 Digital business innovation 6
MN20080 People and organisations 6
MN20081 Principles of marketing 6
MN20082 European business environment: European integration and legal structure 6
MN20208 Foundations for international business 6
MN20275 Project management 6
MN20448 Business and the natural environment 6
MN20501 Intermediate accounting 6
MN20502 Principles of finance for managers 6
MN20508 Contemporary issues in accounting and finance practice 6
MN20546 Consumer psychology 6
MN20599 Business and strategy in emerging markets 6
MN20600 Managing finance in a multinational company 6
MN20603 International market development and trade 6
MN20604 Managing the multinational enterprise 6
MN30036 Advertising theory and practice 6
MN30039 Employment law 6
MN30085 The internationalisation of business 6
MN30105 Advanced consumer behaviour 6
MN30266 Decision making 6
MN30281 Privacy, trust and security in information systems 6
MN30315 Advanced financial accounting 6
MN30372 Marketing and society 6
MN30449 Strategic management 6
MN30469 Advanced management accounting 6
MN30470 Investment and trading 6
MN30575 Entrepreneurship and innovation 6
MN30625 Developing new products and services - theory 6
MN30670 Strategy 6
MN30674 Entrepreneurship and innovation in the international context 6

International Exchange Students – units for study semester 2


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