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School of Management International Exchange Students Units for study semester 1

Find out about the units you can study while on exchange at the School of Management.

Semester 1

Code Unit name ECTS credits
MN20018 Financial accounting and reporting 6
MN20023 Business forecasting 6
MN20024 Commercial contracts 6
MN20026 Principles of finance if taking this unit you cannot take MN20502 6
MN20027 Economics of strategy: rivalry 6
MN20032 E-business 6
MN20034 Brand management 6
MN20072 Managing human resources 6
MN20074 Digital Business Innovation 6
MN20080 People and organisations 6
MN20081 Principles of marketing 6
MN20082 European business environment: European integration & legal structure 6
MN20208 Foundations for international business 6
MN20275 Project management 6
MN20433 Decision making and leadership 6
MN20448 Business and the natural environment 6
MN20501 Intermediate accounting if taking this unit you cannot take MN20485 6
MN20502 Principles of finance for managers if taking this unit you cannot take MN20026 6
MN20508 Contemporary issues in accounting and finance practice 6
MN20546 Consumer Psychology 6
MN20599 Business and strategy in emerging markets if taking this unit you cannot take MN30400 6
MN20600 Managing finance in a multinational company if taking this unit you cannot take MN20026, MN20502 6
MN20603 International Market Development & Trade must be taken with MN20604 6
MN20604 Managing the multinational enterprise must be taken with MN20603 6
MN30036 Advertising theory and practice 6
MN30039 Employment law 6
MN30085 The internationalisation of business if taking this unit you cannot take MN20208 6
MN30105 Advanced consumer behaviour 6
MN30266 Decision making 6
MN30281 Privacy, trust and security in information systems 6
MN30315 Advanced financial accounting 6
MN30372 Marketing and Society 6
MN30449 Strategic management 6
MN30469 Advanced management accounting 6
MN30470 Investment & Trading 6
MN30506 Financial markets - equity 6
MN30575 Entrepreneurship and innovation 6
MN30625 Developing new products and services - theory 6
MN30670 Strategy if taking this unit you cannot take MN30449 6
MN30674 Entrepreneurship and innovation in the international context 6
MN30746 Economics, Evolution & Complexity 6

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