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School of Management International Exchange Students Units for study semester 2

Find out about the units you can study while on exchange at the School of Management.

Semester 2

Code Unit name ECTS credits
MN20010 Company law 6
MN20012 Economics of the firm and industry 6
MN20014 Managing enterprise information systems 6
MN20016 Marketing 6
MN20017 Operations management 6
MN20019 Management accounting. If taking this unit you cannot take MN20485 6
MN20050 Supply Management 6
MN20073 Marketing 6
MN20291 Human resource management 1 6
MN20310 Empirical finance 6
MN20414 Research project 6
MN20445 Corporate responsibility: principles and perspectives 6
MN20485 Accounting and decision making for managers. If taking this unit you cannot take MN20019 6
MN20503 Intermediate corporate finance for managers 6
MN20547 Strategic financial decisions 6
MN20598 Managing across cultures and contexts 6
MN20605 Foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation 6
MN20606 Intermediate business analytics 6
MN20607 Strategic marketing communications 6
MN20608 Brand management 6
MN20609 UK business law 6
MN20624 People and innovation 6
MN20747 Economics of the Industry & Firm 6
MN30054 Strategy & human resource management 6
MN30062 International business law 6
MN30076 Business strategy 6
MN30209 Investment banking 6
MN30270 Virtual organising: understanding group behaviour online 6
MN30316 Risk management and internal control 6
MN30371 Economic governance and industrial policy 6
MN30400 Doing business in China: opportunities and challenges 6
MN30436 Contemporary issues in business and society 6
MN30441 International marketing management 6
MN30444 UK tax and tax planning for the growing business 6
MN30447 Antitrust & Strategy 6
MN30468 Auditing & accountability 6
MN30470 Investment and trading 6
MN30475 Sustainable operations management 6
MN30507 Financial markets - derivatives 6
MN30509 Behavioural finance 6
MN30549 Advanced accounting 6
MN30575 Entrepreneurship and innovation 6
MN30602 Leading and managing change 6
MN30626 Financial statement analysis and security valuation. If taking this unit you cannot take MN20547 6
MN30671 International strategy in practice 6
MN30672 Contemporary international business issues 6
MN30673 Business and marketing in a digital world 6
MN30675 Advanced consumer research 6
MN30676 Management science 6
MN30748 Negotiation 6

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