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School of Management International Exchange Students units for study semester 2

Find out about the units you can study while on exchange at the School of Management.


Please ensure that you read the course catalogue for the units you are interested in taking and note the following:

  • some units cannot be taken in conjunction with others.
  • ensure you have the necessary prerequisites from your home institution for each course.

Semester 2

Code Unit name ECTS credits
MN20010 Company law 6
MN20012 Economics of the firm and industry 6
MN20014 Managing enterprise information systems 6
MN20016 Marketing 6
MN20017 Operations management 6
MN20050 Supply management 6
MN20073 Marketing 6
MN20291 Human resource management 1 6
MN20310 Empirical finance 6
MN20414 Research project 6
MN20445 Corporate responsibility: principles and perspectives 6
MN20485 Accounting and decision making for managers 6
MN20503 Intermediate corporate finance for managers 6
MN20547 Strategic financial decisions 6
MN20598 Managing across cultures and contexts 6
MN20605 Foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation 6
MN20606 Intermediate business analytics 6
MN20607 Strategic marketing communications 6
MN20608 Brand management 6
MN20609 UK business law 6
MN20624 People and innovation 6
MN20747 Economics of the industry and firm 6
MN30054 Strategy and human resource management 6
MN30062 International business law 6
MN30076 Business strategy 6
MN30209 Investment banking 6
MN30270 Virtual organising: understanding group behaviour online 6
MN30316 Risk management and internal control 6
MN30371 Economic governance and industrial policy 6
MN30400 Doing business in China: opportunities and challenges 6
MN30436 Contemporary issues in business and society 6
MN30441 International marketing management 6
MN30444 UK tax and tax planning for the growing business 6
MN30447 Antitrust and strategy 6
MN30468 Auditing and accountability 6
MN30475 Sustainable operations management 6
MN30507 Financial markets - derivatives 6
MN30509 Behavioural finance 6
MN30549 Advanced accounting 6
MN30602 Leading and managing change 6
MN30626 Financial statement analysis and security valuation 6
MN30671 International strategy in practice 6
MN30672 Contemporary international business issues 6
MN30673 Business and marketing in a digital world 6
MN30675 Advanced consumer research 6
MN30676 Management science 6
MN30677 Corporate strategy and development 6
MN30779 Entrepreneurship and innovation 6

International Exchange Students – units for study semester 1


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