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Finding private sector family accommodation

Learn more about finding family accommodation in the private sector

We are unable to offer family accommodation in our university managed accommodation. If you are studying and accommodation suitable for a family you will need to search for conventional rentals or “professional/family” housing in the privately sector.

Looking for accommodation

Most private rental properties are listed 1 to 3 months prior to availability. If you are searching earlier than this, you may not see suitable options available. During this time you can research prices and locations and sign up for email alerts, so you are notified when suitable properties are listed.

The University of Bath has its own property search site, Studentpad, most of properties listed are for student sharers rather than families. We recommend trying external sites too.

Choosing a location

There are a variety of locations in Bath to consider. Bath can be an expensive area, so consider widening your search if prices are too high you. You should also consider your commute and the transport you will use.

If you plan on bringing a car, you will need to check whether you need a parking permit and the if the local Clean Air Zone (CAZ) rules will apply.

You can also use public transport and the University bus service.

Contract lengths

Most private accommodation contract are six or 12-months long, with 12-month contracts being the preference. If you need shorter term accommodation websites like Airbnb can be useful but this will be expensive for extended stays.

Other flexible options like hotels/hostels are also expensive and lodgings are unfortunately not suitable for families. You may therefore want to reconsider relocating your family if possible and instead look at more flexible individual options like lodgings or weekday stays on websites like Spareroom.

Furnishing your accommodation

Before deciding on a property, you should check whether furniture and white goods are included. You could ask your landlord whether any can be provided as part of the tenancy. If not you will need to purchase your own.

Affordable options include local charity shops like Dorothy House and the University Noticeboard. At the end of your tenancy you will need to remove the items and empty the property.

Affordability checks

Landlords and agencies will need to check if you are a financially suitable tenant. Processes and requirements vary but usually will include a proof of income requirement and credit check. Without this, you may need to pay rent upfront.

Other checks like Right to Rent and references will be carried out too. More information on these checks can be found here.

If you are new to renting you may be asked for a UK based guarantor. Providing one will enable you to pay in instalments rather than upfront.

Contact us

The Student Living Support team are here to help if you come across something you are unsure of or if you’d like further advice.