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Applying for my dream job after graduating

MSc graduate, Flavia Olivieri, reflects on her studies and how the Careers Service has prepared her for job hunting after graduating.

My studies at the University of Bath proved to be an enriching experience, and I developed an unprecedented sense of camaraderie with other students.

Working as a postgraduate Student Ambassador gave me new skills, including the confidence to liaise with a range of individuals and to speak publicly.

My year at Bath was altogether rich and diverse, and helped me appreciate the value of universities beyond academic studies alone.

Learning from the Careers Service

During my studies, I signed up for a range of seminars and lectures held by the Careers Service, which gave me an initial understanding of potential job prospects after graduation. I also attended a range of 1:1 sessions with career counsellors, where we delved into my interests and ambitions. This was helpful as I was able to get professional guidance completely catered to my needs, and frame my next steps and narrow down my options.

The Careers Service also offered the opportunity to revise my CV and cover letters, which I did on a number of occasions. I was able to understand what skills and experiences are worth including and gain a stronger appreciation of what employers seek in candidates. I also learned to identify weaknesses and strengths in my cover letters, which in itself is an invaluable skill.

Job hunting after graduating

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down recruitment in some sectors, but I am currently waiting to hear back about my dream job. I have chosen to further my technical abilities, using data science to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change. Thanks to the support from the Careers Service, I was confident with my approach to the application, and made it through to the third round which is promising!

Although the outcome is still uncertain, the Careers Service definitely helped me prepare for the recruitment process. I also have a better understanding of what direction I want to go into. The CV and cover letters that I now produce are up to standard, and I am confident that I will find the right post.

‘I have chosen to further my technical abilities, using data science to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.’
Flavia Olivieri MSc Environmental Engineering (2020)

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