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Publication scheme

Find out the types of information available via the publication scheme.

Publication scheme

The University makes a vast amount of information publicly available via our website. The publication scheme is a guide to the types of information that we publish or intend to publish as a matter of routine.

We have adopted the model publication scheme prepared and approved by the Information Commissioner.

We publish the following information as a matter of routine:

  • information about the university - organisational information such as management structure
  • financial information - financial and procurement information
  • priorities and strategy - planning and monitoring information
  • decision-making processes - how decisions are made and records of decisions
  • policies and procedures - our major policy and procedural documents
  • lists and registers - details about lists and registers maintained by us
  • services - the main services offered by the university.

Information about the University

How the legal and regulatory framework of the university is organised.

How the university is organised

The management structure of the university. Most administrative and academic departments publish information regularly via departmental web pages.

Location and campus maps

How to get to the City of Bath and the University Campus View maps of the campus

Staff contact information

The contact details of most employees are publicly available from several places on our website via the 'Person Finder' search facility.

Collaborative partners

The university has links with hundreds of public and private organisations including government and regulatory bodies, sponsors, professional groups, and local, national and international businesses. These links change as partnerships and associations are renewed or discontinued. We maintain a register of partner organisations for collaborative learning and teaching provision.

University-owned companies

The University has one wholly-owned subsidiary company: IAAPS Ltd company number 02927557

For names of company officers, information describing the company's principal activities, and accounts see Companies House.

Student activities

For information about student activities, visit the Students' Union website.

Environmental information

Find out about our climate action work and principles.

Read our Annual energy and environment reports.

Financial information

Funding and income

We publish annual financial statements. These contain details of funding, income, expenditure and investment, as well as budgetary and account information and the independent auditors' report.

Financial audit reports

Independent auditors' reports are available via the annual financial statements.

Capital programme

The University’s Masterplan 2021 sets out a vision for the future development of the campus.

Financial regulations and procedures

Our financial regulations and procedures govern the management and administration of the university's financial resources.

Staff allowance and expenses

The policies and procedures with regard to staff allowances and expenses are outlined in the financial policies. We also publish annual reports of senior staff travel and expenses .

Staff pay and grading structures

Information about staff costs and senior staff salaries is included in the annual financial statements. Our salary scales detail the University pay grades system. Our 'pay multiple' figure (ratio between the highest and median salaries) is 7.78.

Pension consultation

The university responded in 2014 and 2017 to Universities UK's consultations on the future operations of the USS pension scheme.

Register of suppliers

We maintain a database of over 4,500 approved contractors and suppliers - both currently and in the past. Because of its size, the fact that it is subject to continual change, and other issues, the database is not made publicly available.

Procurement and tender procedures and reports

The university adheres to purchasing policies and procedures when managing the procurement of goods, works and services.


The University typically advertises a large number of contracts throughout the year in UK e-notification services.

You can find more information about contract opportunities published by the University, including certain contracts advertised through Contracts Finder and Find A Tender, at:

Details of high-value contracts are published annually.

Up to and including academic year 2021/22, high-value contracts are those worth £25,000 or more. From academic year 2022/23 high-value contracts are those worth £40,000 or more.

Research funding

Research & Innovation Services (RIS) develops proposals, runs projects and disseminates research findings.

University strategy

We publish various kinds of information relating to institutional strategy, plans and performance.

We publish an annual review of the university each academic year.

The university strategy sets out the aims and activities associated with the long-term fulfilment of the university's vision.

Find out more about planning, performance, and strategic change.

Assurance, feedback and compliance

The quality of learning and teaching at the university is overseen by the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office. The Quality Assurance Code of Practice describes the internal processes and procedures for assuring the quality and standard of its academic provision and includes code of practice statements. Examples of the:

  • external examining (QA12)
  • degree scheme review (QA13)
  • collaborative provision (QA20)
  • the annual monitoring of units and programmes (QA51)

Details about external assessment of teaching quality at the university can be found by viewing institution reports conducted by the Quality Assurance Agency.

Collecting feedback from students on their experiences at the university is a key part of the quality enhancement process. Information about recent internal and sector-wide student surveys.

Information about compliance with the duties established under the Equality Act 2010 is set out in our policies and practices.

Find out more about our commitment to widening participation from the Office for Students.


Information about university links with employers and what our students do after they graduate is made available by the Careers Advisory Service

Decision-making processes

We publish large amounts of information about the following operational decision-making processes:

Each department/school/partner organisation of the university is required to have at least one Staff/Student Liaison Committee (SSLC).

The principles on which SSLCs operate are set out in the university's Quality Assurance Code of Practice (QA48).

The minutes of SSLCs are published within the university but are not generally made more widely available. This is because their business, which may relate to individual students or members of staff, focuses primarily on the internal student community.

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures govern and regulate the way the university conducts all aspect of business.

See an index of the University's policies.

The ordinances define and direct the overall governance and management of the university within the general framework of the Charter and Statutes. Standing orders of Council, Senate and Boards of Studies set out the processes and governance of these bodies.

The student regulations cover the academic work of the university, the education and discipline of its students and such other matters as lie within the functions of Senate including admission and assessment.

Separate rules apply to university accommodation and to the conduct of examinations.

The Quality Assurance Code of Practice describes the internal processes and procedures for assuring the quality and standard of its academic provision. It is published by the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office.

Other areas of operations are regulated by policies and procedures put in place at department or inter-departmental level. These include recruitment and employment policies published by Human Resources and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies, support, and guidance.

Research Strategy

Read our Research Strategy.

Code of good practice in research integrity

We are a leading research university committed to maintaining the highest standards or research excellence and integrity. The Code of Good Practice in Research Integrity sets out the standards of research conduct expected of all those engaged in research in connection with the university.

Institutional code of ethics

Our strategy is to establish structures, procedures and guidelines sufficient to ensure that any ethical issues arising from its teaching and research activities and institutional practice are given due consideration in adherence to the university's Code of Ethics.

Publicly funded research outputs and data

Visit UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) for details of publicly-funded research outputs and data through the Gateway to Research portal.

Lists and registers

The Department of Finance and Procurement publishes guidance in relation to the recording and disposing of equipment and maintaining asset registers.

Because of its size, and the fact that it is continually changing, the university does not routinely publish a centrally-administered asset register. For further information, please submit a request in writing.

In accordance with its financial regulations, the university maintains a Register of Hospitality and Gifts. For further information, please submit a request in writing.

We maintain a Register of Interests as set out in the Standing orders of Council. The annual declarations of interests submitted for inclusion in a Register contain personal details relating to staff and officers of the university and their families, and are not, therefore, made publicly available.

View the outline list of university-owned land and properties


The university is the owner of a public closed circuit television system (CCTV) currently installed on the campus and in or on university buildings off campus. Cameras are located in various areas around the campus and off campus including:

  • car parks
  • academic buildings
  • service buildings
  • bars
  • students' union
  • accommodation
  • shops

Freedom of Information compliance data

The University receives several hundred requests under the Freedom of Information Act each year. We publish quarterly data on how many we have received, how we have responded, and whether we have provided information.


The University offers a wide range of academic, professional, and commercial services, such as:


Download or order a paper copy of our latest prospectus

Services for outside bodies

Course content

Course fees

Funding, such as grants and bursaries, available to students from the HEI

The University is entitled to recover a fee together with those fees for the following services:

If you are unable to find the service or information you are looking for, please contact the Freedom of Information Officers


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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