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Using the Contact details component in Typecase

How to use the Contact details component to provide users with email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links for a team or person.

Contact details on a live page.

When to use the Contact details component

Use the Contact details component to tell readers how to contact a staff member or team if they have questions about the information on a web page. You can do this by adding:

  • names or team names
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • social media links

You can use the Contact details component on a:

  • Campaign
  • Case study
  • Corporate information
  • Event
  • Guide
  • Landing page
  • Legal information
  • Project
  • Topic

Finding the Contact details component

To find the component:

  1. Open the drop-down menu under 'Bottom of page fixed-position components'.
  2. Select 'Contact details'.
  3. Select 'Add component'.

The Contact details component will appear beneath 'Component(s) currently in use'.

Adding content to the Contact details component

The Contact details component in Typecase.
The Contact details component in Typecase.

You can add up to two sets of contact details. Make sure you add the primary contact first.

You can also add up to eight social media accounts.

Title and summary

You must add a title and summary to the Contact details component to explain what the section is about.

Write a simple heading in the 'Title' field. You can use something like 'Contact us' or 'Contact the Digital team'.

In the 'Summary' field, give some additional context for the information, for example, telling users what they can contact each person about.

Adding contacts

You can choose whether or not to add a name for each contact. You can also choose to add either an email address, a phone number, or both.

  1. In the 'Name' field, add the name of the person or team.
  2. Add an email address to the 'Email address' field.
  3. Add a phone number to the 'Phone number' field - Typecase adds the UK's international prefix (+44) automatically.
  4. Click the 'Add contact' button.

Adding social media accounts

  1. Under 'Social media accounts', select the social media channel from the drop-down menu.
  2. Add the URL for the account to the 'Social media account web address (URL)' field.
  3. Click the 'Add contact' button.

Working in the template

The Contact details component is a fixed-position component, so you can't move it to another part of the page.

You can drag and drop each contact to change the order they appear in the Contact details section.

Click 'Collapse this section' to hide a Contact details component while you work on other areas of the page. The content will still appear on the preview and published pages if you collapse part of the template.

Things to avoid

Don't let the contact details on your page go out of date. You should regularly check that all the details on your web pages are correct. If a member of staff leaves the University or changes roles, make sure you remove them as a contact on your web pages.

Contact us

If you have any questions about creating content or using Typecase, get in touch.

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