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Creating a Navigation section in Typecase

How to create a Navigation section on the University website. Part of the Typecase manual.

Only Typecase Admins can create a Navigation section. If you think you need a Navigation section, read this guide first to help you decide.

Editors can make updates to Labels and links on existing Navigation sections. If you're an Author or Contributor, you will need to request an update by either contacting your lead publisher or emailing

The purpose of a Navigation section

A Navigation section is a set of links that appear across the top of the page to help users find more of your pages on the website. It is also referred to as 'Local navigation' in some parts of Typecase.

The first link on the Navigation should go to the top-level page for your content.

You can add up to six secondary links to the Navigation, each of which can have up to 36 links under them. These lists of links are displayed under up to six headings with links so that users can find the link they are looking for easily.

You should only add links that are necessary and relevant to your page.

If you are creating a Navigation section for use on a Topic or Landing page, it is not necessary to repeat the pages that will be linked in the Pinned items components in the Navigation.


Your page will automatically include the top global Navigation bar of the University of Bath website. This is a black bar that includes links to Courses, Research, Enterprise, Sport, Departments and About.

The local Navigation section you create will display as a cyan bar below the top global Navigation.

Any links you add below your Secondary links will appear when a user hovers over them with a mouse or taps them when using a mobile or tablet.

Examples of Navigation sections

There are good examples of Navigation sections on:

Creating content

The Related links list in Typecase.
The Related links list in Typecase.

Core components

The Navigation section must have a User need, Title, Summary and Owning organisation. There are no subtypes for Navigation sections.

Title and summary

The title and summary of a Navigation section are not displayed on the live website but tell Typecase users which pages to use the Navigation on.

You should base the title and summary on:

  • the organisation or group that owns the pages
  • the subject matter of the content if the pages belong to different organisations or groups

Add a title to describe who owns the Navigation section or the subject matter of the pages it's for.

For example:

  • 'Department of Life Sciences navigation'
  • 'Open Days, visits, and campus tours navigation'

Make the title easy to find in Typecase and include the word 'navigation' to distinguish it from other content items with similar titles.

Add a summary to explain what pages the Navigation should be used on.

For example:

  • 'For use on Department of Life Sciences pages.'
  • 'For use on the Open Days, visits, and campus tours topic page and related campaigns.'

Other core components

You must also add a User need and Owning organisation. Read more about these in our Core components guide.

Use the Primary link, Secondary and related links, and Tertiary links components to build your Navigation section.

You should add your links in a logical structure. It may help to plan out the order of your links on paper first.

Use a subheading for each list of related links and only include links that fit under this theme.

Link list header one: Application process
Link one: How to apply
Link two: Writing your personal statement
Link three: Contextual admissions
Link four: Mitigating circumstances for applicants

Link list header two: Application support
Link one: Contact Admissions
Link two: Visas

Reviewing your Navigation section

Read our guide to creating a page in Typecase to find out how to add the Navigation to your pages.

To preview your Navigation section, add it to another of your pages in draft and view the preview version.

You must check all the links work before publishing the Navigation section and any pages you have added it to.

Maintaining your Navigation section

It's important that you regularly review the Navigation section and check the links are working and up to date.

Requesting a Navigation section

Email You will need to provide a User need, Title, Summary and basic structure.

Contact us

If you have any questions about creating content or using Typecase, get in touch.

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