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Creating a Campaign page in Typecase

How to create a Campaign page on the University website. Part of the Typecase manual.

The purpose of a Campaign

Use a Campaign to create promotional content for recruitment or marketing purposes.

The Campaign template includes a range of components that let you add visual and multimedia elements to the page. This is useful for demonstrating the key benefits of the subject you are promoting as users will see the information in a number of different ways.

For example, a Campaign to promote the extra-curricular activities for students at Bath would benefit from images of students playing sports or a video of a student visiting the Freshers' Fair as well as text to describe each of these activities.

Read more about choosing a content type for your web content.


How the Campaign looks will depend on the components you choose to use.

A Campaign should have a least one section of text but you have lots of different options for how you want the text to display. Before making a Campaign, look at some examples to help you decide how to use it.

Examples of Campaigns

Creating content


Choose the subtype which best describes your Campaign. Typecase uses this to categorise your page, meaning it will be easier for users to find through filtered lists.

Core components

The Campaign must have a User need, Title, Summary, Navigation and Owning organisation or group. Read more about these in our Core components guide.


You can choose to add multiple Labels to your Campaign page.


You can choose to add a hero and pinned image to your Campaign:

Additional images can be added using other components.

Top of page fixed-position components

Your can choose to add a Key message across the top of your page.

Drag and drop components

You can choose to add the following to your Campaign:

Bottom of page components

You can choose to add the following components to the bottom of the page:

Create a Campaign

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