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Choosing the correct platform for your content

How to choose where to publish information online, including the University website, your team's blog, the Wiki, and Moodle.

Typecase for Content

Typecase for Content (often shortened to Typecase) is the main publishing platform for, the University's website.

Most University teams have at least one person with access to use Typecase.

Content on Typecase includes:

  • Announcements, to provide news and service updates for internal or external audiences
  • Guides, to help staff, students, and other users complete tasks
  • Corporate information, like timetables, price lists, and terms of reference
  • Campaigns, to promote the benefits of something or encourage people to take part in something

Find out more about:

Typecase for Courses

Typecase for Courses is the University's publishing platform for:

  • undergraduate courses
  • postgraduate courses
  • doctoral programmes

Typecase for Courses is used by:

  • Digital Content Managers from the faculties and School
  • Admissions staff members
  • the Digital Content team

If you think you need access to Typecase for Courses, email

Blogs (WordPress)

We host University blogs on the WordPress publishing platform.

Departments, teams, and individuals use the blog to showcase their work and activities.

Blogs should be updated on a regular basis and contribute something distinct and valuable to the University’s digital domain.

You can request a blog as a student or member of staff, but consider whether setting up and maintaining a blog is a commitment you have the time and resources to make.

Wiki (Confluence)

You can use the Wiki to publish content for internal audiences.

You can restrict access to read (and edit) Wiki content to specific individuals or groups in the University, making it a suitable platform for publishing guidance and internal reports for sub-sections of the community.

You need your University username (like abc12) and password to log in to Wiki.


The University uses Moodle to support training and teaching, host resources and online activities, and support student collaboration.

Students and staff can use Moodle to:

  • access resources, including lecture notes and videos
  • collaborate in forums and messaging
  • submit coursework
  • take quizzes and assessments

To log in to Moodle, you need your University username (like abc12) and password.

Contact us

If you have any questions about using Typecase or creating content, get in touch.

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