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Creating a Guide page in Typecase

How to create a Guide page on the University website. Part of the Typecase manual.

The purpose of a Guide

Use the Guide content type to provide guidance or instructions on how to do something.

This content type allows you to break up large amounts of text into sections with headings. This is useful for providing instructions in a clear and accessible format.

You should write the guidance or instructions in a logical order so users can find what they are looking for easily.

Do not use the Guide content type to create a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Read more about choosing a content type for your web content.


A Guide page is made up of sections of text with headings. A green in-page navigation box shows on the right-hand side of the page so that users can navigate to the heading they are looking for. Typecase will create this navigation bar automatically when you add sections to your Guide.

Examples of Guide

The page you are currently reading is a Guide.

Other examples include:


You must make sure your content is accessible.

As a public sector body, we're legally required to make the content on our website as accessible as possible. The government checks our content to make sure it complies with the internationally recognised guidelines from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Find out more about accessibility or contact if you have any questions.

Creating content

There are no subtypes for Guides. You should make it clear in the Title and Summary who the guidance is relevant to and what it will help a user to do.

Core components

The Guide must have a User need, Title, Summary, Navigation and Owning organisation. Read more about these in our Core components guide.

You can choose to add a Pinned item image to the page.


You can create a page without using Labels. If you do need Labels, find out more about how they work.

Top of page fixed-position components

You can choose to add the following to your Guide:

Bottom of page components

You can choose to add the following components to the bottom of the page:

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