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Creating a Legal information page in Typecase

How to create a Legal information page on the University website. Part of the Typecase manual.

The purpose of Legal information

Use the Legal information content type to publish University:

  • codes of practice
  • policies
  • procedures
  • regulations
  • terms and conditions
  • acceptable use guidance

Don't use the Legal information content type to:

  • publish facts about the University, like semester dates and Research Excellence Framework (REF) or league table results
  • explain rules and regulations and how they might affect people
  • explain the scope of a group or committee's activity or area of knowledge
  • publish an official statement supporting an area of the University Strategy
  • publish the transcript of a speech or an oration
  • publish official University correspondence that needs to be widely accessible
  • publish information that forms part of the University's Annual accounts
  • share price lists for University services, like the cost of hiring rooms in The Edge
  • share the timetable for an event or series of events, like student induction

You should use Corporate information for these.

In addition, don't use Legal information:

  • when the information is long and would be better read as a document - you should create a Publication
  • when the information is a guide to a policy, procedure, strategy, and so on - you should create a Guide
  • to list all information about an event – you should create an Event page

Read more about choosing a content type for your web content.


Legal information pages have a consistent visual simplicity and are structured around a large-capacity Main content component.

Before making a Legal information page, look at some examples to help you decide how to use it.

Creating content


Choose the subtype which best describes your Legal information. Typecase uses this to categorise your page, meaning it will be easier for users to find through filtered lists.

The subtype you choose will also be displayed as a label below the page title.

Core components

The Legal information must have a User need, Title, Summary, Navigation and Owning organisation or group. Read more about these in our Core components guide.


You can choose to add multiple Labels to your Legal information page.


You can choose to add a pinned image to your Legal information:

Additional images can be added to the Main content component using Markdown.

Main content

The Main content component is unique to the Legal information and Corporate information Content types.

Its 50,000-character capacity is the largest of any single component in Typecase. Using the correct heading hierarchy to structure your content with accessibility in mind is essential.

A Legal information page with correct heading hierarchy, and the floating in-page navigation menu. A Legal information page with correct heading hierarchy, and the floating in-page navigation menu.

Structuring your content with headings will make the information easier to navigate for sighted users and those using screen-reading software. The H1 and H2 headings you use will automatically become links in the page's floating in-page navigation menu. This menu enables your users to navigate to specific sections of a page from any point within it.

Use Markdown to insert lists, tables, links and images in your content.

Bottom of page components

You can choose to add the following components to the bottom of the page:

Version control

The Version control component is unique to the Legal information content type.

It is designed to make it simple for users to understand the ownership, version number and update schedule for legal information published on our website. It is displayed prominently below the page title and summary.

Version control information displayed on a Legal information page. Version control information displayed on a Legal information page.1

Using the Version control component you can add:

  • the full name of the current owner of the page, plus their role and department
  • the version number of the page
  • the full name of the person who approved this version of the page, plus their role and department
  • the approval date of this version of the page
  • the date of the last review of this information
  • the date of the next scheduled review of this information

You cannot publish a Legal information page until a colleague has reviewed your content to confirm that the information and formatting are correct. Select the tickbox under 'Web content review' once that has been done.

Please note that you can save drafts of your page without selecting this box, but it must be selected before you can publish your page.

Create a Legal information page

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  1. Version control component pictured does not contain accurate information and is for illustrative purposes only. 

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