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Apply through Clearing

Find out if we have places through Clearing available for 2024 study.

We have some clearing vacancies available for Home and International applicants.

You can find full details of our available vacancies for both Home and International students on our Clearing 2024 vacancies pages:

Is Clearing for me?

Your eligibility to apply for a place in Clearing.

You can apply if you have received your results and achieved the qualifications needed to meet our entry requirements.

You cannot apply if you do not yet have your results. If you are awaiting a remark or grade appeal, you can only apply if your current results meet our entry requirements.

You can only apply if you do not hold a place elsewhere.

Some of our vacancies are only available for international applicants as we currently have no spaces in Clearing for Home applicants for these courses.

We will not be able to consider you for international vacancies if you are UK or Irish National or have Settled or Pre-settled status through one of the UK’s EU/EEA Settlement schemes.

How you apply

The process to follow when applying through Clearing.

Please contact us on 01225 383019 or email to find out if we can consider you. Once we have confirmed this, you will need to submit an application through UCAS.

You will need the following information:

  • a copy of your results
  • passport
  • the course you are interested in
  • UCAS ID number (if you have one)

A member of our admissions team will review the information you send and confirm if we can consider your application. We will tell you how to apply through UCAS – do not submit your application via UCAS without confirmation from us, as it will be automatically declined.

If you have an offer from another University

What you should do if you have another offer but are considering Bath

You can only apply through Clearing if you are not holding a place elsewhere. If you want to be considered for a Clearing vacancy at Bath, please email and our Admissions team will advise you further. You should not give up your place elsewhere until you have heard back from us.

Applying for a place

How many courses you can apply for

You can only submit one Clearing application through UCAS. If you hold more than one provisional offer, you will need to choose which one to apply for as your official choice on UCAS.

Clearing opening dates

When you can apply through Clearing.

We will initially be open for Clearing from 5 July to 6 August. You should contact us as soon as possible as our courses may close once the vacancies have been filled. Our list of vacancies will be kept updated and if a course is not listed, it means there are no places available. Our Admissions Team will be closed between 9 August and 08:00 on 15 August to prepare for A level results and we are unable to respond to any enquiries or consider any applications during this time.

Following the publication of A level results, Clearing will re-open on Thursday 15 August at 08:00 if we have places available. Our updated list of vacancies will be published in advance, and you should contact us as soon as possible as our courses are very popular and spaces will be filled quickly.

University accommodation

How you can find accommodation.

Find out more about results, confirmation, and Clearing

Visit UCAS

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about applying for a course through Clearing, or the admissions process.