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Seizing opportunities: my scholarship journey at Bath

Devanshi Potdar, a second-year Psychology student, shares how receiving a Chancellor’s Scholarship opened the door to higher education in the UK.

Growing up in Dubai, I always dreamt of pursuing a higher education degree in the UK. However, the financial burden that comes with attending university as an international student was a daunting prospect for me. I was also worried about the transition to a new city and country and how to fully immerse myself in university life.

Deciding on Bath

I was particularly drawn to the University of Bath because of its renowned psychology programmes and commitment to assisting international students through scholarships and bursaries. I found a tremendous amount of detail about these on the University website. The Chancellor's Scholarship immediately caught my attention. What impressed me was its inclusive nature. The Chancellor's Scholarship is primarily merit-based, meaning it would be contingent on the grades I achieved in my high school final exams. My decision to pick Bath was firmly established by its level of inclusivity and commitment to helping students like myself.

How the Chancellor's Scholarship helped

During my first year, the Scholarship's financial assistance was crucial. It partially paid for my tuition, allowing me to use the money for other essential aspects of my education, such as living expenses and transport costs, therefore lessening my overall financial burden, and allowing me to concentrate on my academic goals.

A fantastic first year

My first year at university was an unforgettable and enlightening experience. Since most classes were held in person after the pandemic, I was able to develop close connections with my classmates. The professors were outstanding and incredibly helpful, particularly in assisting me to transition from school, where my primary emphasis was on exam-based learning, to university-level academic writing, including essays and research assignments. Their advice helped me immensely in developing my intellectual abilities.

Participating in ongoing research projects led by PhD students and researchers was one of the most exciting parts of my first year. Having this practical training at the start of my academic career was beneficial because it enabled me to apply theory to practical situations.

With the support of the Chancellor's Scholarship, I got to follow my passions and pursue my dreams, turning my first year at university into something truly special.

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