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Making use of University support made all the difference

Coming to Bath from India, Aditya discovered, firsthand, the many types of support the University offers its students.

Aditya made the most of the academic support and guidance on scholarships and job opportunities at Bath.

Aditya is a student on the BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science course at Bath.

The adventure of a lifetime

As an international student from India who's completely new to the UK, life can be both exciting and challenging.

You're bound to miss home. So, it’s important to build a trustworthy support system over here. Bath and its exemplary student support services form a huge part of that for me.

Building connections

Starting with Freshers' Week, the University offers many opportunities to meet new people. For example, there are societies for almost every interest an individual can have.

I went to Bath Indian Society (BIS) mixer events to meet new people. There, I forged new friendships, which are still going strong into my second year. It’s like building connections on LinkedIn. You make new friends. They introduce you to new people, and before long you're going out for dinner every day.

Making the most of practical support

I've also used various other kinds of support. These include academic support, financial planning, and guidance on scholarships and job opportunities.

I made good use of the Mathematics Resources Centre sessions run for the first years, too. The mentors helped to clarify concepts and also gave essential hints and tips. I benefitted from an academic programme run especially for my course as well. It was a refresher on essential higher-level mathematics and helped with our differential equations module.

When it came to support with managing finances, the University truly impressed me. I was able to get advice on budget planning and saving money.

I remember I wanted information about scholarships available to second-year international students. I booked repeat appointments with the same person, they were so polite and patient in answering all my queries.

Wellbeing matters

Whatever issue you may face, whether it's academic or to do with your mental health, the University has a solution. Bath Nightline, for example, is available for students to talk about their issues with fellow students. There are also professional counsellors an email away.

All you have to do is ask

When I graduate, the University of Bath will deserve a thank-you note, not only for moulding my educational life but also for teaching me a few life lessons. The University does a lot to raise awareness about its services. It also encourages students to use them. As an international student, there's nothing the University won’t do to simplify your life and make you feel at ease. The most important thing, though, is never to be afraid of asking for help.

‘Whatever issue you may face, whether it's academic or to do with your mental health, the University has a solution.’
Aditya BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science