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How a supportive community at Bath helped me feel at home

Ananya talks about the welcoming and inclusive community at Bath and the wellbeing support she received as a student.

Ananya on a street in Bath city centre.
"The University has been so inclusive and welcoming."

Ananya is a student on the BSc (hons) Management with Marketing course at Bath.

Being welcomed into a new country

Being born and brought up in India meant I was very close to my family. I had their support in every decision I made. Coming to university meant I had to develop a new support network, especially as an international student. Surprisingly, it was not tough at all. The Freshers’ Week events were a great way to meet new people and find ways to fit in. A lot of events and support were provided for everyone to feel welcome at Bath.

Settling in to University

Bath has always been an extremely supportive environment since I moved in. Since the beginning, we were informed of all the resources available to us. This included the University’s Student Support teams who offer extra support in languages, subject support, help with money issues, and personal wellbeing support. Services were offered in person and online and the University made them very accessible for all.

As an international student, my parents were initially worried as to how I would manage in a new country by myself. The University has been so inclusive and welcoming. Although hesitant at first, I realised the importance of asking for support when I needed it. It’s made me feel much more at ease and stress-free.

Asking for help

I engaged with the student Wellbeing Services and the Student Living Support team. They were extremely helpful in finding me another accommodation that better suited my needs. Furthermore, not only did they make sure I fit in well, they regularly checked up on me afterwards. It was a very smooth process and the whole team was very accommodating.

Moreover, the Wellbeing Services are excellent. They are confidential and the team makes sure to help you to the best of their ability. They provide a safe space to take on any problems or issues you are facing as a student.

Advice for new students

Students should never hesitate to ask for help. I would recommend every student use the resources to their advantage and use them to develop skills, solve problems, or even just have good conversations about how they’ve been feeling recently. It will make you feel better about yourself and much more confident and happier. The University hosts weekly wellbeing events that are a great way to take a break. From dog walking to painting workshops, they do it all!

I believe the University genuinely has one of the best Student Support teams. It might seem daunting, but it is always better to seek help than to wait. They are extremely supportive and understanding. I couldn’t recommend them more during your university life.