University of Bath

Opening a UK bank account

How to open a bank account in the UK, including how to request proof of your student status.

Local banks

Banks on campus

There are two banks on campus – Barclays and Santander.

Banks in the city centre

There are several banks in the city of Bath.

Choosing a bank

You can:

  • compare bank accounts at MoneySuperMarket
  • visit the banks in person or find out information on their websites
  • check the terms and conditions of an account carefully (for example, monthly costs)

Please note that it is often only possible to open a basic bank account (current and savings accounts) in the UK. You can check the Money Advice Service for information about different types of accounts.

How to get a letter of proof of student status

If you want to open a bank account, you need a letter to prove you are a student.

You need to follow these steps to get a letter:

  1. Go to Registration Online to complete all parts of the registration.
  2. Request a bank letter by clicking 'to whom letter request'.
  3. Select 'to a bank or building society'.
  4. Enter the name of the bank you wish to open the account with.

You can collect the letter from the Student Services Centre, 4 West.

What to take to the bank

You need to take the following documents when opening an account:

  • your passport and visa
  • letter from the University with your UK and overseas addresses on it