Student Money Advice

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Student Services
The Roper Centre, 4 West
University of Bath
Claverton Down

Call us:

+44 (0)1225 383838

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Current students can also contact us via the online Helpdesk accessed from SAMIS.

Opening times

Monday - Friday
9.30am - 4.30pm


Saturday - Sunday

The Money Advice team works with students to provide practical advice on managing money, financial entitlement and sourcing additional income. Our aim is to encourage students to take control of their finances, before getting into difficulties.

We offer one to one appointments and run drop-in sessions.


We offer appointments both in Student Services, 4 West on Campus and in The Virgil Building, Bath city centre.

To book an appointment to see an adviser please either:

Phone: 01225 383838 (help-desk)



Drop in sessions are held in Student Services, 4 West Level 2 on the following days:

Monday to Friday 12.15pm to 1.15pm

and in the Virgil Building, Bath city centre:

Wednesdays 12.15pm to 1.15pm

Phishing emails warning

Please be aware that there have been reports of fraudsters sending ‘phishing’ emails to students in order to access online student accounts and change student’s bank details in order to take money. Typically, fraudsters pose as the Student Loans Company (SLC) or the University asking for personal information, but be aware other fake identities may be used.

Please note: If you give your SLC logon and password details to anyone these people can use this information to change the bank details on your student support account and then all your SLC loan, grant and BSU bursary payments will be re-routed to the fraudster's account and you will receive nothing.

What to look out for:

The SLC and the University will NEVER ask you to confirm your login and password, or ask for bank details or personal information, so any email that you receive asking you to confirm this information is bogus.

What to do if you receive a bogus email

The best thing to do if you receive one of these emails posing as the SLC is to forward it to The SLC will locate the bogus website and get it taken down. Therefore you can protect both yourself and other more vulnerable students by merely forwarding all phishing emails.

If you receive an email posing as the University then please see the Computing Services webpages for more information.

Students are most likely to be targeted in the weeks leading up to a grant and loan payment date so you must be especially vigilant at this time.

More information about online safety

If you should find yourself in financial difficulty as a result of a phishing incident, please visit Student Money Advice for further guidance and support. You may be eligible for a short term loan or a hardship payment. You can see a Funding Advisor in a drop-in session or appointment, or you can send an email, please see above for more details.