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Be Active

Walk, run, swim, cycle, try new sports, activities and have fun. Staying active doesn’t need to be a chore, small changes can make a big difference.

Why Be Active

The NHS live well campaign recommends 150 minutes of physical activity per week which can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • increased energy
  • improved confidence
  • improved fitness
  • better body shape or weight
  • improved sleep
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • better concentration in classes and study
  • various physical health benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease

Studies also show that you are more likely to achieve in your studies if you take part in regular exercise. Even making small changes in everyday life such as taking the stairs, or cycling to University can make a difference.

Try out sports and activities

One of the best ways to exercise regularly is by joining a sports club and The SU have a large selection to choose from. For those that would prefer to play on a more social level The SU have a thriving social sport and activity programme called Bath Active that you can get involved with FOR FREE.

We are lucky to have some world class sporting facilities on campus at our Sports Training Village including an Olympic Legacy swimming pool, gym, indoor sprint track, outdoor athletics track, pitches, astroturf pitch and much more. Team Bath have full details on their website of opening times, class timetables and memberships. All students can also activate their Sports Pass for free, which offers access to some of the facilities, dedicated student participation times and priority booking opportunities.

Playing sport or going to the gym is not for everyone but you can still stay active. There are some fantastic walks on campus which are great if you need some fresh air during studies or on a lunch break. If you want to be more social why not join one of the many Student Union Societies, a number of which are physically active.

Getting fit does not have to be expensive here are 11 cheap ways to get fit without the gym. YouTube also has plenty of fitness workouts and videos you can follow along to in the comfort of your own home for free.

Treat exercise like a class, timetable it into your weekly schedule, that way you can always make time for it.

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