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Workshops to support starting University

Explore our workshops to help you settle into university life.

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Support at University

It’s quite normal for students to react differently to starting University. We are offering a programme of workshops to help you prepare for the start of university.

Making the most of Freshers Week

Freshers’ Week is a great opportunity to transition into uni life and make lasting friendships. Join our student Freshers’ Week Event Managers to learn what Freshers’ Week and the Student Union offers and how to make the most these opportunities. This talk may be especially helpful for students wanting to know about the Freshers’ Week wristband, how to find events suitable for their interests, or who are nervous about attending.

11 September at 10am
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Three steps to a good day

Start building lasting wellbeing to see you through your first year here at Bath. You'll be introduced to three key tools to help you boost your mood and maintain your wellbeing. This workshop is a taster version of our longer How to Have a Good Day course for students with low mood.

13 September at 11.15am
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Know your drugs risks - take control

We do not promote, tolerate or encourage drug use, but we do encourage you to be safe if you are thinking of taking any kind of drug. Join Developing Health Independence (DHI) Bath’s local drug and alcohol service, for clear, evidence-based and realistic advice and information about drugs. The more knowledge you have about the effects and risks of what you take, the better you will be able to make informed decisions about your own use. We’ll cover effects and harm reduction for a range of drugs, as well as discussing drug testing and specialist advice available in the city.

14 September at 11am
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Settling into student life

Starting university can be an incredibly exciting time for some and daunting for others. For some it can be both. However you are feeling about this transition, this workshop will be helpful for you to plan how to navigate this time effectively and ensure you have a very positive start to your university career.

18 September at 11am
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Five quick ways to tackle discrimination and harassment

How do we tackle discrimination and harassment at university and beyond? This quickfire workshop will give you five tips which will allow you to stand up to discrimination and harassment whilst keeping yourself safe.

18 September at 12pm (midday) Book via eventbrite

CALM workshop

Join us at this online workshop for some practical mindfulness based techniques to help you manage during the exciting and busy time of starting university.

19 September at 11am
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Introduction to Student Money

Join us for an introduction to student money where we talk about budgeting at University. We'll also cover the Blackbullion financial capability toolkit (a free resource) and discuss statutory funding support. Plus an opportunity to meet the Student Money Advice team and have your funding questions answered.

19 September at 1pm
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Healthcare at university

Join members of the local Public Heath team and the University Medical centre to find out more about the healthcare services available to you whilst at university. We’ll cover how to register with a local GP practice, where to find the University Medical Centre and which immunisations you’re eligible for to help protect yourself from serious illness and how to get them. There’ll also be a chance to ask clinicians and health professionals questions.

20 September at 10am
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Anxiety Aid

Manage negative thinking and reduce anxiety and worry with simple techniques drawn from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. You will discovery some down-to-earth techniques that can make your anxiety more manageable now – and help you make positive changes over the longer term.

20 September at 11am
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Anxiety aid - LGBTQ+ edition

This workshop is for LGBTQ+ students who may experience anxiety around the continual process of ‘coming out’ to friends, family and new colleagues, with a particular focus on starting at a new university. It may also be beneficial for students going on placement, starting a new job or facing anxiety of ‘coming out’ to family and friends.

21 September at 2pm
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