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Workshops to support starting University

Explore our workshops to help you settle into university life.

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Support at University

It’s quite normal for students to react differently to starting University. We are offering a programme of workshops to support you in this transition.

Settling into student life

Starting university can be an incredibly exciting time for some and daunting for others. For some it can be both. However you are feeling about this transition, this workshop will be helpful for you to plan how to navigate this time effectively and ensure you have a very positive start to your university career.

15 September or 11 October at 10am
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Three steps to a good day

Start building lasting wellbeing to see you through your first year here at Bath with these simple, proven steps. A one-hour workshop run by one of the counsellors in Student Services. Using material from our longer How to Have a Good Day course for students with low mood.

8 or 29 September at 10.30am
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Navigating the new normal: ideas for managing uncertainty

Living with uncertainty is a challenging part of being human, especially more recently, and it can cause significant distress for some people. This workshop will be a chance to reflect on your own responses, and to learn some simple exercises and techniques to help you manage as you start at university.

10 September or 1 October at 10am
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Anxiety Aid

Manage negative thinking and reduce anxiety and worry with simple techniques drawn from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. You will discovery some down-to-earth techniques that can make your anxiety more manageable now – and help you make positive changes over the longer term.

15 or 30 September at 2pm
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Anxiety Aid: ‘Coming out’

This workshop is for LGBT+ students who may experience anxiety around the continual process of ‘coming out’ to friends, family and new colleagues, with a particular focus on starting at a new university. It may also be beneficial for students going on placement, starting a new job or facing anxiety of ‘coming out’ to family and friends.

9 or 29 September at 2pm
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Black Students Network

TEDx speaker and Wellbeing coach, Toluwa has spent most of her professional career working with young people around the world, enabling them to make transformative changes in their personal and professional lives as well as their communities.

This interactive seminar will be focused on what self-worth, self-love and self-confidence look like for students of colour, with practical tips and wellbeing techniques provided.

The seminar is designed to be a small, intimate online workshop. Providing a space where we can discuss openly particularly as you begin this new chapter of your lives, without judgement and without hesitation. We are coming together to learn, to share and most importantly to reflect. Join Toluwa on the 5th of October at 7-8 pm in this intimate wellbeing seminar, exploring the Topic: ‘Am I Enough?'

This seminar is for University of Bath students who identify as being Black (African, Caribbean or Dual Heritage).

5 October at 7pm
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Let's talk about communication

Communication can be tricky! In this one-hour workshop, we’ll discuss tips and skills for effective, assertive communication – asking for help, saying what you want or need, expressing differences of opinion, setting boundaries, being authentic and standing up for yourself. We’ll also discuss how to use these skills to navigate different situations and types of relationship, for example with friends, family, partners and tutors, and give ideas that you can practise and apply in your day-to-day life.

13 October at 2pm
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Fika is a free app that helps you build your mental fitness, much the same as you would build physical fitness. It’s full of short activities many of which will be beneficial in supporting your transition to help boost confidence, stress, motivation, focus meaning, positivity and connection. View the Fika page for more details and to download.

It’s also important to remember they are a number of ways you can get support at University. If you would like some help or just someone to talk to contact our Wellbeing Service who are available 9am - 7pm every day of the year.

If you have found these useful you may also want to explore our Wellbeing activities and our regular Counselling and Mental Health Workshops.