Our University Life session provides you with information to make the most of your time at university including: how to get involved in the community, staying safe, where to find support if you need it, respect and other useful practical tips such as how to find your way around campus and what you can expect from your first few weeks.

All new students should attend a session.

Watch a recorded session

These sessions have now taken place but you can watch a recording of our University Life sessions. You will need to log into your university account to view the video.

Saturday 24 September

Time Session for students living in:
10am Conygre, Cotswold, Derhill and Norwood House
11.30am Solsbury Court and Brendon Court
1pm Quads Acer, Quads Bay and Green Park House B (ground floor)
2.30pm Quads Chestnut, Eastwood houses 1-11, Quantock and Osbourne House
4pm Eastwood houses 12-23, Marlborough Court blocks A&B, Quarry, Green Park House B (1st & 2nd floor)
5.30pm Home PGT students and for those that may have missed their earlier session today

Sunday 25 September

Time Session for students living in:
10am Quads Damson, Quads Ebony, Mendip and Marlbourgh Court blocks C&D
11.30am Polden and Pulteney Court
1pm Thornbank Gardens, Cleveland’s Building and Canal Wharf
2.30pm Wolfson, John Wood Building, Green Park House A, Green Park House B (3rd & 4th floor) and Green Park House E
4pm Eastwood houses 24 - 41, Polden Court and Home UG students
5.30pm Woodland Court

Monday 26 September

Time Session for students living in:
4.15pm Open to all, come to this session if you couldn’t attend your dedicated slot. Please be aware capacity is limited, so where possible attend your allocated session.
5.30pm Green Park House C, Green Park House D and Carpenter House
6.45pm Eastwood houses 42-51 and John Wood Court