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Information for new undergraduate Electronic & Electrical Engineering students

What you need to know for your busy first few weeks as an undergraduate student.

Things you should do

What you should be doing this week to make sure you don't miss out on any information, deadlines or events.

Department information

Find out about starting your studies in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Finding your way around campus

How to find your way around campus, including campus maps and accessibility features for our buildings, venues, and other locations.

Navigating the University campus

We're proud of our self-contained campus, but navigating it can, sometimes, be tricky. Our guide will help you understand how our campus is laid out.

Campus accessibility map

Use this map to find disabled parking spaces and wheelchair access routes on the Claverton Down campus.

Important places on campus

Information about some important places around campus, including the Library, some places to eat and where to catch a bus.

Campus bus terminus

Photo of the University of Bath campus bus terminus

The main passenger drop-off and pick-up point for buses to and from the University is near the east entrance to the Parade.

Students' Union

The SU building from the outside

The SU (Students’ Union) building is the home of The SU and their offices, the Student Centre, food outlets, a salon, and the SU bar and nightclub.

Sports Training Village (STV)

Aerial view of the sports training village

Open to staff, students and the public. The STV facilities include a gym, Olympic Legacy swimming pool, athletics track, pitches and courts.

The Library

The Library is at the centre of our campus. Several additional services are available in the building, including the Security Desk.

Student Finance Office

Student Finance Office can help you with questions about tuition fees, loans and payments of scholarships and bursaries.

Help and support

How to get advice and support if you need it.


Some of the Security team chatting to students.

The University of Bath's Security team is here to help at all times; 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Support to help you succeed

Student Support are here to help and advise you. Find out what we do and make sure you get the most out your university experience.

Information for international students

What you need to know if you're an international student coming to study in Bath.

English Language

Two students in an English language class.

The General English course will help you to develop the language skills you need to succeed in your studies and in your future career.

Living in the UK

Learn more about daily life and culture in the UK, including holidays, religion, driving and healthcare.

Setting up your computer and phone

How to get connected to the internet, set up your devices and get help with IT.

Beware of phishing and fraud

Fish hook on a computer keyboard

Don’t get caught out by phishing attempts. The University or the Students Loans Company will never ask for your login and password.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

How to connect your device to the University Wi-Fi, whether you are a student, member of staff or visitor.

About the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

We deliver undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for students who want to excel in careers in industry or academia. Our reputation is based on the quality of our teaching, industrial collaborations and research. We are top ten for electronic and electrical engineering in the Guardian University Guide 2018. Our department is 4th for overall student satisfaction in the NSS 2017.

Read more about the Department.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about Welcome Week or your first year at Bath, please contact us in person or online.